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What are Crystals?

What are Crystals?
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How to Equip Crystals

Each weapon and equipment can be embedded with a Crystal, to give it additional buffs and branch damage boost. The crystals’ effects always remain active until you unequip the gear or weapon they are embedded on. They also get destroyed along the equipment they’re embedded to during Enhancement Transfer or when feeding the equipment to your black spirit.
What are Crystals?

Once you embed a crystal to a weapon or equipment, you can’t overwrite it with a new crystal until you either delete the existing crystal or extract it using black pearls. Extraction cost will vary depending on the quality of the crystal.
What are Crystals?

Fusing Crystals

Light lightstones, you can fuse 3 crystals of the same grade and pay the necessary silver cost to get a new crystal or a chance to get a higher-grade crystal. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a higher grade but the success rate can be improved by having the “Ki” lightstone equipped. The better the lightstone’s grade, the higher success rate you’ll have. You can obtain up to an Epic grade crystal through fusion.
What are Crystals?

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