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Adventurer’s Fame

Adventurer’s Fame
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This feature allows players to receive Recommendations from other adventurers to gain Fame. As you get more famous, you’ll earn rewards. If you made it on the monthly Ranking chart, you’ll earn even more rewards. You’ll also earn rewards by recommending other adventurers.

Recommending other Adventurers

You can start recommending other adventurers once you’ve reached LV20. Each adventurer has his/her own unique code. You can obtain a code from another player usually via the Server chat or if the player itself gives his/her code to you. To enter the code, do the following:
1. Launch your main menu
2. Tap Social then tap the Adventurer’s Fame tab on the right.
3. On the left side of the screen, tap Enter Code.
4. After entering the code, select confirm to recommend the player and receive the reward.
Adventurer’s Fame
Adventurer’s Fame

Getting Recommendations

You’ll earn Fame by getting recommended by other players. The easiest way to do it is by sharing your unique Fame code to the server chat and hope that other players (especially newbies) to recommend you. Other methods include befriending other players and having them recommend you. You can also see how much fame you’ve obtained already and your Family’s current ranking in the Adventurer’s Fame screen.
Adventurer’s Fame

Fame Rankings

There are two types of rewards you can get by climbing in the Rankings: Score Rewards and Rank Rewards. The ranking chart and individual accumulated points will reset every first day of the month. Individual rewards can also be claimed once a month.
Adventurer’s Fame
Adventurer’s Fame

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