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World Bosses

World Bosses
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These are powerful boss that appears at random schedule. As of this writing, there are only 2 World Bosses available, one available once your character reaches LV40, and another in the Nightmare area in Southwest Calphaeon > Witch’s Chapel. (Recommended CP: 2700). The quality of the loot you can get from these bosses will depend on the amount of damage you deal. Auto-battle is permitted in this mode.
World Bosses
World Bosses

There’s also no dire consequence for dying in World Boss battles (except for the temporary attack debuff that gets removed over time) so you can come back to your feet and return to the fight as soon as your character is up. World Bosses will have tons of HP and can dish out a lot of damage so prepare to spend a lot of potions.
World Bosses
World Bosses

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