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Motivating Workers

Motivating Workers
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Motivating Workers

When you get new workers, they’ll start off with a certain amount of loyalty. The lower their loyalty, the more likely they’ll be lazy and refuse to do the job you assigned them. You can Discipline (uses a bit of stamina) them and get them back to work.

Fortunately, you can permanently increase your workers’ loyalty by talking to them, encouraging them, or giving them gifts. Early on, you’ll have to do that individually. Once your Town Hall reaches LV3, you can talk and encourage multiple workers at once. You can only interact with your workers once they’re not doing any tasks and are just back in the camp.

While doing tasks, workers may get Fatigued. If they became too fatigued, they will not be able to take on any new tasks unless you spend stamina. You can reduce their fatigue by talking to them and Encouraging them. (-3 stamina) Workers’ fatigue also automatically diminishes over time once they completed they’re idle.

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