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Issues and Special Nodes

Issues and Special Nodes
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Like in your camp, there will be free items that will randomly appear on the map. You can pick them up to get rare items and materials.
Issues and Special Nodes

Occasionally, you’ll encounter “issues” in the form of goblins. While there’s an ongoing issue, your connected nodes will be temporarily disconnected and your disconnected nodes won’t be able to produce resources. To resolve this issue, you have to complete a mini-game where you have to match the goblin portraits on the screen in the correct order for a limited amount of time. Resolve issues along the road to resume the silver and resource gathering of the affected nodes.
Issues and Special Nodes
Issues and Special Nodes

Occasionally, you’ll unlock Special Nodes. These are temporary nodes that your worker can occupy and get limited resources from. These special nodes will disappear after a short while or after your worker fully explores it.
Issues and Special Nodes

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