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Hiring New Workers

Hiring New Workers
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When you first get your camp, you’ll start off with two workers. You can hire more but first, you have to build new Lodging to house your workers. You can build more lodgings and upgrade their capacity as you increase your Camp’s level.

Hiring Workers

Once you have an open slot, go to your camp’s pub. Once inside, you’ll see a selection of available worker candidates. This roster changes on a set interval but you can manually refresh the roster by spending stamina.
Hiring New Workers

Higher grade workers will cost more Contribution Points. Take note that all workers, regardless of grade can be promoted to higher grade. The advantage of getting higher grade workers from the pub is that they’ll start off with higher stats from the get go.
Hiring New Workers

Firing Workers

If you want to fire a worker for some reason, tap the Workers button in the command bar on your Camp menu (bottom screen) to bring up the Worker List. From there, tap the magnifying glass icon to view their individual stats. Tap the circle icon to fire the worker. The contribution point you used to hire a worker will be reimbursed to you and the worker you fired will be gone forever.
Hiring New Workers

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