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The game has five classes to choose from. These classes have fixed genders (you can’t create a female warrior or male ranger) but you’re free to customize their appearances as you please. All characters are well-balanced and has their own strengths and weaknesses. While their combat style may vary, each class can tackle all solo quests and boss fights with the proper preparation and adopting the correct strategy. Here’s the list of classes in the game:


A very well-rounded melee unit, warriors are very effective frontline units. They have shields as their sub-weapons, which gives them high survivability and additional means of attack.


An excellent ranged combatant, Rangers can relentlessly release a barrage of arrows to mow down enemies from a distance. Their short-range attack options are quite limited so players who want to use them should take advantage of their greatest strength - ranged DPS.


A master of all elemental spells, witches can easily decimate large groups of enemies at any range. However, due to their low survivability and the delay needed to cast more powerful spells, players who want to use this class should use the Witch's teleport (dodge) skill to keep enemies at medium and long range. Witches can also heal allies with the right skills equipped.


A DPS-focused melee unit that has exceptional crowd-control capabilities. Even if the Giant doesn't have a shield, this class's high HP pool and attack means that it can decimate enemies before they can even kill a Giant.


A female warrior that also uses a sword and shield loadout. However, unlike the Warrior class, Valkyries have support buffs and healing abilities, making them great front-line support units to protect "softer" classes like Rangers and Witches.

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