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What is CP?

What is CP?
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CP (Combat Power) represents your character’s combat rating which you can use as basis for measuring if your character is powerful enough to tackle a boss at a certain difficulty, Ancient Ruin chamber, or being able to deal with the mobs or enemies in a certain area. The difference between your CP and the enemies may also affect whether the enemies will still give you EXP or drops. Basically if you’re too powerful for a certain area, you won’t get anything from the mobs there.
What is CP?
What is CP?

CP is affected by several factors that fall into two main categories: Base Family CP and Base Character CP. To check your CP and what factors affect it, access your main menu, go to My Info, then tap the Check CP button on the left-side part of the screen.
What is CP?

Your Base Family CP is shared by all characters in the same Family. (You can only have one Family per server) The Base Family CP is affected primarily by your Black Spirit level, followed by Passive Skill levels, Knowledge, and Collection. This makes new characters from your Family to start off as powerful units, thanks to the boost provided by this Base Family CP.
What is CP?

Your Base Character CP is dictated by your character’s individual progress, like stats (increased through leveling up), Skill Training Level (increased by leveling up skills), Equipment (equipping higher grade, enhanced equipment, including accessories, relics, crystals, lightstones), and other bonus effects.

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