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How do you replenish your Stamina?

How do you replenish your Stamina?
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Stamina is replenished automatically over time, until you reach your max stamina capacity (this is increased as you get stronger). The only other way to replenish your stamina is by using Stamina Potions. These potions are considered premium consumables so use them sparingly. They can be acquired as quest rewards, purchased from the Pearl Shop, or if you’re lucky, you can find it posted on the Market.
How do you replenish your Stamina?

To see how much stamina you have, tap the down arrow in the top-middle portion of your screen. Stamina is used in various features of the game such as:
* Gathering resources using your character
* Sending messages in the Server chat channel
* Encouraging or talking to your workers to restore their vitality and increase their loyalty
* Refresh merchant lists
* Talking to specific NPCs to increase their Amity.
How do you replenish your Stamina?

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