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What is a Camp?
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What is a Camp?

This feature is unlocked after defeating the first main story boss, Red Nose. You can launch this by tapping the Camp Icon on the top right corner of the screen.
What is a Camp?

You’ll have your own camp assigned to your own family. Here you can manage resources, Workers, and build facilities that will help you immensely in your adventure. Since your camp is owned by your Family, all new characters from the same family can use the facilities.
What is a Camp?

You’re free to change the positions and orientation of your buildings free of cost. You can upgrade your town hall and other facilities you’ve built. Some of the facilities remain locked until you beat specific main story bosses.
What is a Camp?

You can interact with your facilities and camp NPCs on normal view or a top-down view. You can also fish by the river but you can’t log or mine while inside the camp. Some NPCs you’ve helped during story missions will also visit your camp from time to time to give you additional quests.
What is a Camp?


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