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How to Level Up Skills

How to Level Up Skills
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Character will unlock more skills as they level up. Once learned, these skills can be further strengthened and leveled up by using skill books. As skills level up, you’ll have access to further increase their potency through Skill Enhancements. These are upgrades tied to specific skills that are unlocked on specific skill levels. Each skill has their own enhancement, with varying effects like increased AoE range, faster cast/cooldown, increased damage, and more. There are even some enhancements that can be toggled on/off.
How to Level Up Skills
How to Level Up Skills

To use the skill books in your possession, access the Skills menu on the top right. Select the skill book then pay the required amount of silver. Common skill books come in three colors: white, green, and blue. The amount of skill exp they give will vary depending on their color. Their cost also corresponds to the amount of EXP they give.
How to Level Up Skills

While your class skills are exclusive to your character, Passive Skills level is shared among all characters in the same Family. These skill books are very rare to be found in the wild but you can get them from Talish’s Shop or buy it from other players via the Market. Passive Skill Books are available as purple-only.
How to Level Up Skills

Early on, you’ll have to manually use the books and level up your skills. Once your Black Spirit reaches LV25, you’ll be able to use all available skill books in your possession. Take note that this will only use the skill books that your character learned; make sure to deposit the skill books for higher level skills that you won’t get yet anytime soon.
How to Level Up Skills

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