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Creating Multiple Characters

Creating Multiple Characters
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You can create up to 6 characters on the same server. However, only character three slots are available for free. Additional character slots can be unlocked by buying Character Expansion Coupons. The names you can give your characters doesn't need to be unique but they're still subject to the game's filters

Creating Multiple Characters

You can easily switch between your characters by accessing the Main Menu > Select Characters > Then switch characters. If your character is in the camp during a character switch, the next character you select will be in the camp as well. This makes it easy to transfer equipment by moving them to and from your camp Storage.

How to Switch Between Multiple Characters
How to Switch Between Multiple Characters

Here are the things shared between your characters:
* All items placed in the camp storage.
* Equipped titles and family name (of course)
* Resources, workers, and other camp features
* Silver (money)
* Ancient Coins
* Stamina
* Black Spirit Level
* Black Spirit Quests
* Same pet(s) and horses.
* Path to Power progress (once unlocked)
* Auto-battle feature (once unlocked)
* Boss Rush difficulties

Here are the things that are not shared between your characters:
* Personal inventory and loot, including cosmetic options.
* Exploration progress and story quests quests
* Rented Relics
* Black Spirit “form”

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