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How to Tame Horses

How to Tame Horses
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You’ll earn your first horse very early in the game. Horses are shared by all characters in the same family. The only other way to get new horses is by taming wild horses. In this page we will discuss how to find and tame wild horses.

First, you need two items: Horse Taming Rope and Raw Sugar. Both of these items can be bought from the animal goods merchant commonly found in different towns or cities. The rope is the actual requirement for capturing a wild horse while the raw sugar increases your chances of taming it.
How to Tame Horses

Next, we have to find some wild horses. You’ll need to be in a Wild Horse Capture Area. Tap the Area Info button to confirm if the area you’re in has wild horses. You can also launch your World Map from the menu and tap an area to check if it has wild horses. From there, you can select Auto-Path to reach the area.
How to Tame Horses

Once you’re in the area, make sure that you switch to your Map tab in the upper-left then head to where the horse icons are. Take note that other players can also catch or scare away the horses that spawn on the same spot so there will be chances that you won’t find any.

When you find one, approach the horse until you see the Tame Horse option. Make sure that you’re not standing too close! As soon as you rope in the horse, it will attempt to stomp you with its legs. If you get hit, the attempt will fail and the horse will flee. After that initial stomp, you should be able to approach the horse afterwards.
How to Tame Horses

Next, you have to feed the horse with Raw Sugar to increase your chances of successfully taming it. The number in the middle of the screen indicates the current success rate and the highest success rate you can reach. Each Raw Sugar fed to the horse increases the success rate by 10%. Finding horses can be time-consuming so to make your life easier, keep feeding the horse raw sugar until you reach the maximum success rate. Once done, you can start taming it.
How to Tame Horses

During the taming mini-game, you have to keep the button in the green field. This green field will be larger if you took time feeding the horse with raw sugar. If the button is not on the green portion, a red gauge will appear. If it runs out, the taming attempt will fail. This gauge does not recover during the entire process so you have to really try your best maintaining the button in the green portion.
How to Tame Horses

Maintain the button in the green until the timer runs out. You have to repeat this three times to successfully tame the horse. Finally, after successfully taming the horse, you’ll get to name it. After naming it, it will be automatically transferred to the Stables in your camp.
How to Tame Horses
How to Tame Horses

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