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Pets accompany adventurers and provide them with various stat boosts. Pets are immortal and can’t be hurt by enemies. They’re also capable of automatically picking up loot at fixed intervals. Adventurers can have up to 3 pets.

How to Own a Pet

You’ll get to choose your very first pet, either the “Valenos Black Cat” or “Valenos Mischievous Dog”, after completing a tutorial Family Quest very early in the game. After receiving the token, you’ll still have to “use” the token from your inventory to get the actual pet added to your party. The chosen pet is shared among all characters in your Family.

Later on in the game, you’ll be able to purchase your second pet using Black Pearls. Other than that, you can get additional pets by buying them from the market (if other players sell their pet tokens) or buy them outright using Pearls from the Pearl Shop.

Viewing your Pet’s Info

Your pet icons are found on the left side of your screen, right under the mini-map. The blue gauge around their icons indicate the cooldown of their pickup skill. If they are hungry, the color of the gauge will be colored red and they won’t be able to pick up any more items until you feed them. Simply tap on their icon to launch the Pet Info screen.

Refer to the image below for a brief explanation of what you’ll see in the pet info screen:
1. Pet Name: You can freely change your pet’s name without any cost.
2. Pet Stats:
* Your pet earns EXP at the same time as your character. Max level is LV10.
* Tier: Pet’s tier is permanent unless you Exchange them or if you acquired them already at a higher tier.
* Pickup Speed: How fast your pet can pick up dropped chests for you. The cooldown for this skill is improved as the pet’s tier is increased.
* Fullness: Indicates the pet’s fullness. If they are hungry, they won’t be able to pick up any more items until you feed them. You can purchase (poor grade) feed from animal goods vendors (look for the cow icon in the List tab of your map) in towns and villages. Higher grade feed can be purchased in the market or Pearl Shop.

3. Skills: You can spend silver to train a Pet’s skill. It will take time for a pet to completely “level up” a skill. You can train a skill up to LV10; however, your pet’s level will determine the max skill level it can learn. For example, a LV5 pet can only train its skills up to LV4. The number of skills a pet can have will depend on its tier. If your pet has multiple skills, it can only train one skill at a time.

4. From this tab, you can send a pet home or accompany you. The icon with the arrow means that the pet is currently accompanying you. Pressing “Home” in the lower-right corner of the screen will send the pet home. You can summon or send your pet home anytime you wish.

5. Allows you to exchange two of your pets (regardless of level) to get a higher tier one. More details on the next dedicated page.

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