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Collecting Resources from Nodes

Collecting Resources from Nodes
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By simply managing your nodes, your Local Fame will also increase. Higher local fame means higher rewards. If you didn’t manage your nodes for three straight days, your local fame will decrease.
Collecting Resources from Nodes

To gather money and resources, you must have a worker occupy a node. Occupying nodes will consume a certain amount of resources, like food. You can only occupy a certain number of nodes, depending on your Fame (node level). Each occupied node produces silver (money) as time passes. Check out these nodes often to collect the funds. The nodes will stop producing money if they reached the maximum amount. Unlike local rewards, silver earned from occupied nodes doesn’t run out.
Collecting Resources from Nodes

Each node also has local rewards. You’ll have to send the required number of workers to gather the rewards on these nodes. Once the rewards have been fully collected or depleted, the workers you assigned there will become available so you can have them collect the rewards on other nodes or assign them to any available nodes. Most of the time, the depleted rewards on these nodes will eventually replenish but there are times that the rewards will become a different one upon depletion. Once a node has run out, you’ll receive a notification once you’re back in Node Manager. The worker assigned to that depleted node will be in “waiting” status and will become available for dispatch once again.
Collecting Resources from Nodes

Occupied nodes must be connected to each other. You can’t vacate the node in the middle of the connection. If you want to reach a different node, you’ll have to vacate the other nodes and deploy workers to occupy the nodes connecting to the specific node you wanted to occupy. In the example image below, if you want to occupy the Fort node, you have to free up three outer nodes (Velia Farmlands Outskirts, Velia Farmlands, and Altar of Red Nose) so you can occupy the Docks of Velia, Velia, and Fort nodes.
Collecting Resources from Nodes

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