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The Market option is where players can sell various items like weapons, equipment, skillbooks, resources, etc. After posting, the items will be available for other players to buy. You’ll get 70% of the posted price, with 30% serving as the in-game tax. All items except accessories and Pearl items can be sold for silver.

You can sell up to 5 weapons or equipment daily. This limit doesn’t seem to apply to other categories. This limitation is refreshed alongside the daily reset. A glaring annoyance about this feature is that the items you posted or sold the previous day will still count towards the limit. So let’s say you only have 2 weapons posted the previous day that got sold before the reset. If you failed to claim these sales before the reset, you can only post 3 new items.

To buy new items from the market, just browse through the category of the item you want, then select it. If there are multiple items sold as batch or as a stack, you can buy them all or just indicate the exact amount you want. There are also other items (especially Pearl ones) that will require you to bid. Pearl items like outfits and pets are usually in demand so don’t expect to be able to buy them immediately unless you’re lucky enough to secure the winning bid immediately.

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