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Ramoness Arena

Ramoness Arena
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This is a special 3v3, PvP mode which allows players to create/ join teams. This arena lasts for 3:30 minutes and whichever team has the highest score wins. Take note that you won’t get matched up with your CP or level so it’s possible to face very powerful enemy players that can easily kill you. Please refer to the map below:
Ramoness Arena
Ramoness Arena

Player Kills

Killing enemy players allow you to get 35% of their points.


Relics will spawn in random locations. Destroying them will allow you to get 3% of all the points earned by all adventurers in the arena. On top of that, relics will also give temporary special effects such as:
* Restore HP (Heal)
* Boost to Cp and movement speed (Amplify)
* Freeze all enemies (Freeze)
* Transform into a lightning sphere that deals a lot of damage (Lighting)
* Transform into a light source that heals allies (Salvation)

Monument of Battle

There are two monuments in the middle-north and middle-south portions of the map. Destroying them will give you 15% of the battlefield points and increase your movement speed by 10% for 30 seconds.


This is a boss that spawns in the middle of the arena that you can kill to get a lot of points. By defeating Lagos, you’ll get 30% of all battlefield points + points obtained by Lagos:
Special Effects:
* Transform the defeated adventurer to light
* Increase allies’ CP and movement speed for 30 seconds
* Increase the movement speed of all allies by 15%
* Reduces the movement speed of all enemies for 30s.

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