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What are Lightstones?

What are Lightstones?
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Lightstones are runes that you can equip to your character to gain access to various beneficial effects. There are only four kinds of lightstones, each with their specific effects. These effects can only be enhanced further by equipping the higher-grade version of the lightstone. Higher-grade Lightstones (Magic/Blue above) also have Sub Stats that provides additional buffs such as increased combat exp, branch damage, critical damage, etc.
What are Lightstones?

Here are the list of lightstones and their effects:
Increases Black Spirit’s Rage damage
Increases Dark Energy EXP gained.
Increases Crystal Fusion success rate
Reduces enhancement cost.

You can only equip one Lightstone for each type. To replace an equipped lightstone, you either have to delete it from the slate or spend black pearls to extract the lightstone and recover it. You’ll only need to equip a new lightstone if you get a better version so there’s really no need to extract old lightstones that often.
What are Lightstones?

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