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Fusing Lightstones

Fusing Lightstones
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You can spend silver to fuse 3 lightstones of the same grade to get a new lightstone. Take note that there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a higher grade lightstone or what type of lightstone you’ll get. The amount of silver needed will increase depending on the grade of the lightstones you’re fusing. There’s no use holding on to lightstones so don’t hesitate to fuse them as you get more of the same grade to free up space and LT.
Fusing Lightstones

You can also fuse Lightstones automatically to save time and effort but you’ll only be able to automatically fuse Unique and Epic grade lightstones when your black spirit level reaches LV35 and LV50 respectively.
Fusing Lightstones

Fusing Lightstones

Fusing Lightstones


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