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Unlocking In-Game Features

Unlocking In-Game Features
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There are certain in-game features that are locked until you meet specific requirements like character level, defeating bosses, and awakening your Black Spirit. Once unlocked, most of these features can be used by your other characters in the same server.

Here the unlockable features and their requirements. Take note that the bosses listed here and the Black Spirit Awakening are all story missions and you'll have to complete them in order.

Unlockable Features
Character LV18
Patrigio (Premium merchant)
Character LV35
World Boss Fights, Field Combat - Outlaw mode
Character LV40
Boss Rush Mode, Your own Camp
Defeat Red Nose
Black Spirit Mode (Offline mode), Potion and Crystal Crafting, Install Decorations in your camp
Defeat Giath
Extract Black Stones from enchanced gear
Defeat Bheg
Node Manager, Exchange Resources in camp
Defeat Titium
Ramoness Arena, Send Praise, Forge weapons and armor in camp
Defeat Muskan
Raise livestock in camp
Defeat Orgoh
Add items to collection
Defeat Kelcas
Craft and deliver Trade Goods
Defeat Black Mane
Craft a dying (color) palette
Defeat Uraka
Equip Lightstone, Auto-Combat
Black Spirit Awakening 2
Unique gear can be equipped
Black Spirit Awakening 3
Purchase new pets using Black Pearls
Black Spirit Awakening 4
All gear grades (rarity, color) can be equipped
Black Spirit Awakening 5

To review the features you can unlock, do the following steps:
1. Tap the main menu on the top-right corner of the screen.
Unlocking In-Game Features

2. Tap “Open Requirements” on the lower left corner of the screen to display the list of features with their respective requirements.
Unlocking In-Game Features
Unlocking In-Game Features

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