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Trapmaker - Chapter 1

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Trapmaker - Chapter 1

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This is our full walthrough for Chapter 1 of Trap Maker, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku Games.

In Chapter 1 a Suspicious Death lures Detective Kate Gray to a high-tech security conference.

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

Once you clear the people you should tap the bag to collect the police tap, then use it on the pole on the left to rope off the area.

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

Tap on the table to view the paper. There is a list of names and a Booth number 3146.

At the back of the platform is a set of 4 control dials. Tap to view these, then set the correct combination.

Solution: Use the booth number above 3146Show

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

The booth lights up, tap on the body to view the victims face and final message. IT

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

Star: on the eye of the face.

Notice the sign on the wall. AIRTIGHT SECURITY

Some letters are off.

Hint: You can tap the letters to turn each one on or off.

Solution: Turn off all of the letters except the I's and the T's.

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

The door unlocks. Go inside.

Tap the booth to go in. The doors will close behind you and you’re locked in.

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

Tap the body to turn it over and then examine it.

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

To the left and under the head are 2 microchips, collect these.

Then Tap the closed hand to find a 3rd Chip and check the trouser pockets for a fourth.

Next tap the jacket breast pocket to collect some small pliers.

Tap the Shirt breast pocket to collect some candy foil.

Take the cuff link from his shirt sleeve. (left of the screen)

Collect his tie.

Tap the shirt near the waist to list if and find a hidden bag, the zipper is broken though.

Use the pliers to open the pack and take the small scissors from inside.

Next tap on the name tag around his neck.

There’s a business card on the back. It says:



"He’s back we have to talk."

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

Star: On the eye of the picture.

Collect a fifth chip from the tag.

Next tap on the box in the center of the room with the money.

This puzzle has a set of switches to set in the right way to open it.

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

Hint: Tap the little magnifying glass icon on the tie in your inventory. Copy this pattern on to the switches.

There is an announcement that you are winner number 2

Tap the money bag to move it and then use the scissors to open it.

You collect a large letter 'A', the heavy prize.

Next you need to use the 'heavy prize' on the top of the central pedestal, this unscrews the top.

There is now an emergency exit button but it is locked behind a 6-digit code.

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

Hint: Tap on the speaker on the left. The announcement will change through 3 options.

You’re winner #2.

It’s been 7 days since our last champion!

Redeem your $4,999 prize!

Solution: Code is 274999Show

Take the Chip from inside.

Tap the floor tiles on the left to lift them.

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

Tap to view the circuit board.

Trapmaker - Chapter 1

Add the 6 chips you have, then also add the cuff link and the candy foil to complete the board.

To solve this you need to drag the power through all of the chips to connect them in turn and reach the end (the foil). Some chips will be bad and will blow, you need to work around them.

Solution: Trapmaker - Chapter 1Show

Announcement: Time for you to die Frank.

You can now press the red EMERGENCY EXIT button and leave the room.

We now know it was a murder. That’s the end of Chapter 1, you can move on to chapter 2.

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