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Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

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Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

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The Echo Bay Murders is an escape puzzle game from Haiku Games, playable through their Adventure Escape Mysteries app.

This is our full walkthrough of Chapter 2 of The Echo Bay Murders. After being run off the road and kidnapped at the end of chapter 1 you now wake up a basement with the Stranger.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Take the glass of water.

Once the stranger leaves use the glass of water on the pipe in the center to break it, you get a piece of broken glass. Now use the broken glass to cut the ropes and free yourself.

Star: on the TV controls on the top left.

Collect a bucket from under the bench on the center and then collect a piece of pipe from the top of the bench.

Now move the crumpled run on the floor to find a hole.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

You can collect a drill bit, but cannot get the flashlight yet.

Next view the fishing magazine on the left below the TV to see a clue and collect from it the paperclip.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Use the paperclip to unlock the closet door on the left. From inside you can collect a folding chair and a second pipe piece from the top left.

Place the folding chair on the back left under the shelves, this lets you collect a drill battery from the top shelf.

Now add the drill bit and the battery to the drill in the closet. You now collect the working drill.

Use the drill on the wooden planks over the high window, then view this.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Collect the third pipe and take note of the license plate on the truck. PCF 4DW.

Next use the drill on the the deer head to remove it from the wall. You will find a hole behind it with a puzzle.

Add the three pipe pieces to start.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Hints: Gray pipes can be rotated, Gold pipes can be swapped.

Solution: Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2Show

You now have running water at the sink in the closet. Use the bucket on the sink to fill it.

View the hole in the floor again and use the bucket of water. The flashlight will float up for you to collect.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Now use the flashlight on the stairs to the right and you will see the door at the top. Tap ti view the keypad on the lock.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Hint: you have 2 clues above to combine to find the 6 digit code.

Solution: Start with the license plate and translate the letter to numbers using the fishing magazine. Look for the red letter and then use the associated number for each.Show

Code: 921 437Show.

Now go through to the living room.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Collect a battery charger from the table/chest in the center. Then tap the blue backpack to open it.

Collect your evidence notebook and then view the camera.

Open the battery compartment and collect the battery from it.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Place the battery charger on the wall outlet on the left under the shelves. Then add the battery to it.

You will get the charged battery.

View the camera again and put the battery back in. You can now check through the photos that were taken by the stranger. Look through all the photos until you collect the evidence. There is a clue here.

Next check the room and collect the fish trophy from the lower shelf on the left.

Then also collect a map piece from behind the sofa cushion.

Notice the 4 animal heads in the room. Each has a colored background.

Hint: check the evidence photo for a clue.

Solution: In the wedding photo the woman has a crown of roses. Follow the colors white, yellow, red, purple, red. Tap the heads in this order. Wolf, Goat, Bear, Deer, Bear.Show

A trap door opens and you can now go up to to an attic.

It is dark but you can use the flashlight to look around.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

In the center is a gun, collect this. Then move to the lower right to find a silver box. Open this and collect a key.

Now go back downstairs and use the key to unlock the large chest in the center.

Take the gun and a magnet from inside.

You head the truck leaving so it is safe to open the curtains.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Star: on the trees outside.

Collect another map piece from the window ledge.

Now view the gun rack to the left of the window.

Add the 2 guns you have collected to start a puzzle.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Hint: set the right order for the guns by swapping them. the order is based on the height and color from an evidence clue.

Solution: The clue is the trees outside the window. Match the height and colors of the guns to the trees. Light trees are light guns and dark trees are dark guns. The path is a gap.Show

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2Show

A drawer opens and you can collect a light bulb.

Go back up to the attic and use the flashlight to find the light at the top just right of center.

Add the light bulb and you can now view the whole room.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

First use the magnet on the filing cabinet on the left to open the lower drawer and collect a crowbar.

Collect another fish trophy from the upper right and then move the blanket from the red chair and collect another fish trophy.

Use the crow bar on the loose plan on the wall to the left. Collect another map piece.

Then use it again on the loose board on the floor. Collect a wrench.

Finally use it on the boards covering the end window.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

On the table to the left of the chair is a map, view this.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Add the 3 map pieces to it, notice the sticky note. This is a clue.

On the floor below the map is a locked box with fish clues.

Hint: the 2 fish appear on the map and you need the coordinates of their locations.

Solution: the axes of the map are marked with shapes to denote the coordinate values. The note shows you that black circle is 5 and then black 5 pointed star is 40. This axis increases by 5 with each line. The white shapes increase by 3 each time. Find the black and white (y and x) coordinates of the 2 fish.Show

Code: 50 , 27 | 30 , 15Show

Collect the fish trophy from inside.

Now tap on the trophy cabinet on the right to see more trophies.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

Place the four fish trophies you have to start a puzzle.

Hint. The gray background trophies are fixed. The others can be moved to arrange then in a logical order based on shape, number of fish, pattern etc.

Solution: Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2Show

Collect a harpoon.

The stranger arrives again and you close the attic door.

Use the wrench to remove the handlebars from the bicycle. Then use the harpoon with the harpoon gun in the box to collect it.

You can now use the harpoon gun on the window to shoot a zip line out.

Then use the handlebars to on the zip line to exit.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 2

That completes chapter 2. Move on to Echo Bay Chapter 3

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