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This is our full guide and walkthrough to Chapter 4 of The Sultan's Inventor, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku games.

We have the suspect automaton from Chapter 3 and now we need to get into the workshop to examine it.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

On the right hand side alcove collect the blunt scimitar that is hanging.

To the right of the central doorway is a green Spear handle to collect.

On the table, bottom right is a pink book of musical notes. Collect this and then view it for a clue.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Use the blunt scimitar on the sharpening stone on the right to get a sharpened Scimitar.

Then use this on the basket on the right that is bound up with ropes. You will receive some rope.

Use the spear handle to collect the bucket on the high left shelf.

Then Use the bucket on the well to replace the old bucket that is full of holes.

Add the ropes to the pulley on the table to collect a pulley and ropes.

Then you can use the this on the well to replace the old pulley.

Tap to the pulley to lower the bucket to get a bucket of water.

Open the 3 colored urns on the left

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Star: in the blue urn.

Tap the red urn to see a flute inside but you cannot reach it.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Use the bucket of water on the urn to fill it and you can then collect the mechanical flute that floats up.

Tap the basket at the back to open the lid and find a snake. It is holding a red gem.

We can now use the flute and the clues from the book to solve some musical puzzles.

The book tells us the flute numbers for various notes but some are illegible.

On the right are animals with notes required for each.

The only one that we know all the correct numbers for is the bull.


Dha Sa Ni Pa Dha => 5 3 4 6 5

In the left alcove is a 3 headed statue. Each head has a blue gem.

Use the flute here and tap the statue.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

You can then tap the correct hole (e.g. for 5 tap the fifth hole from the left). in the sequence above to release the gem fro the bull.

For the other 2 animal heads we need to refer to the book and use trial and error to work out the missing note numbers.



Horse: Ni Dha Ri Ni Sa => 4 5 2 4 3 (Ri is 2)


Gryphon: Ga Ga Sa Dha Ni => 1 1 3 5 4 (Ga is 1)

There is also the snake which has a red gem.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4



Ni Pa Ma Ga Ni => 4 6 7 1 4 (Ma is 7)

Use this on the snake to get the red gem.

Now place the three blue gems and one red gem on the central door.

You will then enter the workshop.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Star: on the candle on the lower right.

Collect a bird token from the open book on the floor.

And also collect the walking stick from the table to the left.

Use the walking stick to activate the lever on the wall to the right. A second bird token will drop from the hanging bird.

Tap the doorway to go through to the Alchemy Lab.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Star: In the grate of the fireplace on the right wall.

From the peacock statue on the left collect a striped key.

From the ground collect a Dented Helmet.

And from the armor by the door collect a hammer.

Tap the vase on the table to the bottom left to move it and collect another bird token. Then do this again to the vase on the top shelf on the right for a fourth token.

Place the dented helmet on the anvil and use the hammer on it to fix it

Now add the fixed helmet on to the right guard armor. A painting is revealed.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Go back to the first room.

Use the striped key to unlock the tiger model on the table. It can play music.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Look again at the music book. You now have notes for a jaguar, tiger and lion.

The tiger is Pa Dha Sa Ni Pa. From the book we get the numbers 3 4 6 5 3.

Tap the correct keys on the tiger to play the tune. Collect another bird token.

On the right wall under the lever is a Puzzle board. This has a tree branch design with many holes. To begin place the 5 bird tokens to add to the one on the left.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Hint: On the left of the room is a tapestry with a design of fruits.

And in the back middle is a map showing birds and fruits they like to eat.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4
The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4



match a bird token to its associated fruit, then match that fruits position on the tapestry to the correct location on the puzzle board. The tree on the board is rotated relative to the tapestry.

Final Solution:


The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Tap to view the chest that is found in the secret area.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

The lock combination lets you select 4 animal shapes using the up and down arrows and also to change the colors using the left and right arrows.

Hint: There are 4 animals in the painting in the alchemy lab. There are also 4 animal statues/models in the rooms.



The painting gives us the order: bird, tiger, lion, peacock. The eyes of the statues give us colors, yellow bird, pink tiger, blue lion, green peacock.

Collect a key mold from the chest. Also note the fish clue inside.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Go back to the alchemy lab

Tap to view the locked chest below the lion head with blue eyes.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Hint: count the different fish from the previous chest.




Collect a red gem, and the red and yellow flasks from inside.

Go back to the first room and tap to view the puzzle on the wall of the secret area.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Place the red moon-shaped gem on to the board. You now have a connect / flow puzzle to solve.

Hint: Draw lines between the matching gems. Use all the squares. The special gate squares need to have 2 lines crossing over, the symbols show which lines can cross there.



The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Collect the blue flask.

Return to the alchemy lab and tap to view the center table with the apparatus on it.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Add the three flasks with the others to begin. This is a filter puzzle.

Hint: Drag and place the filter options on the left and right to the stages of the apparatus.

Once all are placed pull the lever at the top to start the process. You need to correctly filter the elements in the top to the correct flasks at the bottom. Each filter will separate based on wither color, shape or symbol.



The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

You will receive a flask of refined mercury.

Use the key mold on the furnace to place it and then add to it the refined mercury

This will give you a duplicate access key.

Go back to the first room. Tap to view the automaton head.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

Use the key in the automaton’s head to unlock it. This triggers a flashback with Mustafa and then completes chapter 4.

You now move on to The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

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