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Trapmaker - Chapter 2

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Trapmaker - Chapter 2

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This is our full walthrough for Chapter 2 of Trapmaker, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku Games.

After completing Chapter 1 you need to interrogate your main suspect Constantine Harris, the guy whose business card was found on the dead body.

Trapmaker - Chapter 2

You speak to Mr Harris in his own designed interrogation room.

Trapmaker - Chapter 2

First, tap on the light switch to turn on the light.

Next tap the chair to move it to the table.

Finally tap the blinds on the window to the left.

After more chat Constantine will sit down.

Trapmaker - Chapter 2

Tap to sit down. Then tap on Constantine to start the interrogation.

Trapmaker - Chapter 2

There are initially 4 questions to choose from. You will need to ask the right questions in the right order to complete the interrogation. If you pick the wrong questions you have to start again.

Solution: Asking there questions will let you complete it.

“Where are you from?”

“Did you know the deceased?”

“Call your lawyer.”

“Your fingerprints are on Frank’s tie.”Show

After this tap to collect the 'Symbols Card' that Constantine gives you.

Back up and tap on the door to view the keypad. Place the symbols card next to it.

Trapmaker - Chapter 2

Hint: You can place the symbols card over the keys. You can tap it to rotate it.

Solution: Spell the word LOCK. Rotate the card to see a letter L and note the number its over. Then again for the rest of the numbers.Show

Code: 9539Show

Go through into the back room.

Trapmaker - Chapter 2

Star: on the back of the door window.

Collect the power cord from behind the door.

Collect the Cotton shirt from the table.

Tap the circle puzzle on the desk.

Trapmaker - Chapter 2

Tap pairs of segments to swap them. Arrange them so that the outlines match the eagle symbol.

Solution: Trapmaker - Chapter 2Show

Once done you have access to the controls.

Trapmaker - Chapter 2

Use the bottom left controls to line up a camera with Constantine’s face. This activates facial recognition software to identify him.

Constantine “Conno” Harris

Served 3 years at Coldwater Prison in Blue Rock, Alaska for conspiracy, fraud.

Back up and tap on the yellow case.

Trapmaker - Chapter 2

This has a 5 letter code.

Solution : CONNOShow

Tap all the items in the case and you will collect a portable lie detector and some tissues.

Star: Bottom right of the suitcase.

Back to the controls as use the various options to set as follows:

Low temperature, blue light, Prison sounds and prison image.

Trapmaker - Chapter 2

Go back to the interrogation room and use the power cord to plug in the projector. Then use the t-shirt to wipe the lens. You will see the prison image on the screen.

Star: bottom left of the screen.

Tap the table again to sit down. Place the tissues and lie detector down.

Time for more questions:

Ask: “You said you saw a flaw.”

Now go back to the suitcase to check out the secret compartment. Tap on the far right to open it.

Collect the flash drive and the hidden documents.

Look at the hidden documents. Constantine knew the victim.

Use the Flash drive on the control panel to open a cypher wheel puzzle. We need a 3-symbol key to start.

Return to the interrogation.

Correct questions:

“[UNLOCKED] You were with the deceased at CED.”

“[UNLOCKED] Your lie detector says you lie.”

“[UNLOCKED] Cry it out, Conno.”

“I went undercover and joined a cult.”


He then drops a hint to a code.

Go back to the control panel and use Z19Show. Set the three wheels to place this code in the top segment.

Then you can spin the whole wheel to match each of the letters / symbols on the right on the outer ring. Decoded Message: TRAPMAKERShow

Back to the interrogation. You need to repeat some questions:

“[UNLOCKED] You were with the deceased at CED.”

“[UNLOCKED] Your lie detector says you lie.”

“[UNLOCKED] Cry it out, Conno.”

“[UNLOCKED] Trapmaker.”


Trapmaker - Chapter 2

Constantine now confesses but not to the murder. But then you are knocked out and kidnapped.

That completes Chapter 2, more on now to Chapter 3.

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