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Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

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This is our full guide to chapter 6 of Legend of the Sacred Stones, another exciting mystery escape game from Haiku games.

Following chapter 5 we have manage to enter the Windter Temple and now need to find Glacius, the God of Wind.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Pick up a shovel from the ground near the bottom center.And an Ice Emblem piece to the left of it.

Then also collect a green emerald eye from the bottom right.

Around the floor are 4 small piles of snow. Use the shovel to dig these up.

You will collect a Tusk, A fan Blade, a second Ice emblem piece and a statue head.

Place the head on the statue on the right, this then let you collect the Rune block from its hands.

Insert the rune block in a square slot on the right pillar. Then collect a second tusk from the left pillar.

On the left nest to the statue with no hands is a walrus head. Place both of the tusks on the walrus and then you can collect up third ice emblem.

Below the Walrus is a circle with 3 missing quadrants. Place the three ice emblems in the circle. To open a door to the next chamber.

Then go through to the next chamber.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Collect the second emerald eye from the bottom right.

Use the shovel again to dig two piles of snow, (left and center). Collect a Tile, and a Mural Brick.

Place the tile in the gap on the floor to reveal a star symbol.

Place the two emerald eyes in the right leopard’s eye sockets. Collect the wind emblem piece that drops from its mouth.

Tap the star symbol to use the wind power gem from the locket, This activates a fan underneath the cube, which will knock down the a second wind emblem piece to collect.

Tap to view a plaque on the wall on the left.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Place the mural brick in the slot. This is a clue.


Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Tap on the chest on the floor to the right. This has a 5 digit lock.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

The plaque on the left wall gives you the clues for this lock.



On the left are 5 items with dots to tell you an order. The image on the right has those same items, count how many of each appear.



1, Gravestone: 5

2, Palm Tree: 3

3, Moon: 2

4, Star: 5

5, Head: 2

Enter 53252 to unlock the chest.

Take the wind emblem piece from inside.

Go back to the first room. On the right is another doorway with triangle shapes missing.

Place the three wind emblems in the gaps. Then go through the opened door to the right hand room.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Hidden Star: on the snow bottom right.

As before use the shovel to dig up the two piles of snow. Collect a Mallet and a Gauntlet.

Tap the panel on the left back wall to see a grid puzzle.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Follow the instruction to place the pieces on the board. You must fill all the slots, make a complete path between the 3 points. The green and red pieces increase or decrease the power and these must equal out over the pathways.

Once all the pieces are in place pull the lever to test your solution.



There is more than one solution but one possible one is:

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Collect the second fan blade that falls.

Use the mallet on the right leopard to break off his tail. Then go back to the left room and place the leopard tail on the left leopard. Then take the pink diamond.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Return to the right side room and place the pink diamond in the slot on the wall. Now the window is open and we can use powers of the locket.

Tap the star symbol on the left block and use the earth gem power to get rid of the vines.

Next use the water gem power to raise water level and make a penguin statue appear to collect.

Go back to the main center room and place the penguin statue on the right with the other 2. The fan above will turn on, and then drop a third fan blade to collect.

Use the gauntlet on the purple 'sticky curse' to collect some.

Now head into the left room. At the back on the right is a broken fan.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Tap to view this and place the 3 fan blades. Then use the sticky curse on it to glue them in place. Tap again to collect the repaired fan.

Go back to the right side room. Use the repaired fan on the stone on the floor on the right to replace the rusted fan. Then place the cube block on top.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Use the locket wind gem power to raise the cube up and attach it to the one above. This opens a panel with a new animal puzzle.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Hint: Check the pattern of the icicles in the window as your clue. Copy the pattern or heights of the animals top and bottom.

You can now collect an Ancient circuit.

Go back to the left side room. Place the ancient circuit in the panel on the back right.

The wall fan will turn on, blowing the block to the left.

Next tap the symbol to use the locket wind gem power to turn raise the lower block up.

Collect a stone hand.

Then use the water power to raise the water level and collect a second stone hand.

Now back again to the main room.

Place the two stone hands on the left statue to find another code lock.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Note the symbols on it.

Tap on the plinth of the right hand status to see a clue for this.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Hint: The symbols are in order but need to be rearranged according to the arrows.


Once ordered correctly find the position (1-9) of the 4 symbols drawn on the lock.




A skylight opens and you can use the locket.

There are 2 star symbols.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

First use the wind gem power on both to move the columns and knock down 2 items. Collect the villager figurines and Glacius Figurine.

Tap the center of the room to view the board game puzzle and add the figurines to it.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

In order to move the villager to Glacius you need to get next to the ice blocks and push one onto the red button.



Move the left block to the bottom, then the right block to the bottom below the button.

Move the center block to the right.

Next move the block that is now bottom left up to the top, then right and then down below the red button.

Now move the bottom center block to the left, up, right and down onto the red button.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

Now you can use the wind power on the new star symbol to open the mouth of the polar bear.

Head through to meet Glacius.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

This is a repeat of the earlier god battles. Find the symbols as before but they are moving this time so you must be more careful.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 6

When you finish you are knocked out that completes chapter 6.

Continue on to Legend of the Sacred Stones - Chapter 7

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