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The Covenant - Chapter 7

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The Covenant - Chapter 7

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This is our full guide and walkthrough to Chapter 7 of The Covenant, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku games.

After finding the chains in Chapter 6 but failing to stop the hunger you are running out of time and must return to the lake to confront the monster.

The Covenant - Chapter 7

Only 2 people left and you need to pick one to go with you to the lake.

When you reach the lake you need to fix up the boat.

The Covenant - Chapter 7

Star: on the lighthouse.

First pick up the hammer that is on the ground then tap the AC unit outside the house to oped it and collect the coolant.

Now tap the door of the house to go inside.

The Covenant - Chapter 7

If you tap the clock you will see a note that says, “Do not reset! Causes short!”.

Collect the magnet from the top of the fridge.

To the left of it is a puzzle with a triangle shown below.

The Covenant - Chapter 7

Hint: tap the red, blue and yellow buttons to change the numbers next to them by the amount shown on the button. i.e. the red button increases the purple and yellow numbers by 1.

You need to make the purple, green and yellow numbers on the triangle match those on the left (9,2 and 5)

Solution: Tap Yellow, Blue, Blue, Red Red.Show

Now tap the white door to go into the next room.

The Covenant - Chapter 7

Open the tackle box on the table and collect the fishing line.

Use the coolant on the chain around the cabinet to freeze it, then break it with a hammer.

Collect the tube and a key from inside.

Above the cabinet is a set of 3 dials, this is another puzzle.

The Covenant - Chapter 7

Hint: You have to change the three dials so the digital display shows 46.

Solution: Set the dials to 5, 6, 8Show

The safe comes off the wall revealing loose wires.

Use the key to unlock the left door. When you go in there is a puzzle to move some boxes.

The Covenant - Chapter 7

Hint: use the arrows to move. you can push any number of boxes as long as there is room to move them into.

There are 3 levels to complete.

Solution: The Covenant - Chapter 7

The Covenant - Chapter 7

The Covenant - Chapter 7


You collect an empty gas can.

Go back to the first room, it has a broken boat on the floor.

Use the gas can and the tube on the motor to siphon some fuel from it.

Star: tap to open the fridge to find a star.

Go back outside. Add the fishing line and magnet to the fishing rod, it will catch some wire cutters for you to collect.

Then go back inside and use the wire cutters to cut the wire from between the fridge and the clock. You collect a wire but the room will start burning.

U the cutters to cut the rope holding the fire extinguisher. Then you can use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

With the toolbox now broken open you can take the screwdriver handle.

Go back to the second room and use the wire cutters to cut the wire from behind the safe.

Then you will see a screwdriver bit. Use the screwdriver handle on it to make a complete screwdriver.

Return to the first room and tap on the clock again.

The Covenant - Chapter 7

Use the screwdriver to open the clock cover and find a puzzle involving gears.

The Covenant - Chapter 7

Hint: there are 8 positions to place the gears, each with a number. Each gear has shapes on it.

Solution: Each gear has 2 shapes. Count the sides on the outer shape and then take away the number of sides on the inner shape.

The Covenant - Chapter 7Show

Now you can use the wire cutters to cut a third wire from the clock.

Go back outside and tap on the motor on the boat. There is a puzzle

The Covenant - Chapter 7

Use the 3 wires to add to the puzzle so you can start.

Hint: place all the wires from the right into the board on the left matching the colors. The ones that are there are fixed.

Solution: The Covenant - Chapter 7Show

Then the motor is fixed you add the fuel to it and then get into the boat.

The Covenant - Chapter 7

The Covenant - Chapter 7

The chains are lost and now you have to go back and vote again.

The Covenant - Chapter 7

In this case your vote is unimportant as it seems you are now the weakest link. The hunger takes you.

Now check out The Covenant - Chapter 8 for the conclusion to the mystery

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