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Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

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Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

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The Echo Bay Murders is an escape puzzle game from Haiku Games, playable through their Adventure Escape Mysteries app.

This is our full walkthrough of Chapter 8 of The Echo Bay Murders. In chapter 7 you investigated the home of the suspects Ex wife and found plenty of evidence. Now you return to the cabin in the woods.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Star: on the moon.

From the porch collect the red gas canister. Note the item under the porch.
Then tap on the garage on the left. This will get Darius to help you open it, then you can go inside.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Collect the rake from the wall on the left.

Now use the gas can on the mower to fill it. Then tap it to start it.
Kate will mow some grass and then you can collect a dog tag from the grass cuttings.

Now view the box on the chair for a clue and collect from it the valve wheel.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Add the dog tag to the others in the box.

Exit the the garage and now use the rake under the porch of the house to collect some bolt cutters.
Then return to the garage and use the bolt cutters on the chain locking the green wall cupboard on the far right. Collect a key and a torn photo.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Now tap the notice board at the back to see a photo and collect a screwdriver.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Add the torn photo piece to the other half on the bulletin board to get a clue.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8Show

Now use the key to unlock the locked cabinet behind the mower. Collect an Note and a hose.
View the note and it will be added tho the evidence log.

Go back outside and tap on the hose reel on the far right behind the fire pit.
Use the screwdriver to remove the broken valve wheel and replace it with the one you have collected. Then add the hose to the reel. This will start the water and put out the fire in the pit.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Now tap to look inside the fire pit, there is a 4-digit combination lock.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Hint: the clue to this is the dog tags and photo in the garage.
Solution: Check the dog tags. There are 5 and each has a unique last 4 numbers. But one (Bernard Wilson) has the numbers scratched out. Order the tags by the order shown in the photo (check the numbers on the helmets to match to the list on the note). You get the following.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8
Now to work out the missing number look at the others and follow a pattern for each of the digits in the last 4. The first digit sequence from top to bottom is 1, 3, 1, 3... so we can guest the missing first digit is 1. Then the second sequence goes. 8, 6, 4, 2 => 0. The third sequence is 9, 8, 7, 6 => 5. The fourth is 0, 1, 2, 3 => 4

Code: 1054Show

Now use this code on the fire pit lock to open a secret passage.
Go down to the bunker.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Star: on the wall light on the left.

Tap to move the chair then open the drawers to find a puzzle piece.
These open the 2 unlocked green lockers to find another puzzle piece and a sledge hammer.

Now use the screwdriver on the left open green locker to remove it from the wall. and slide it to the left.
Use the sledge hammer on the cracked wall behind it to open a hole.
Another body and more evidence. Then collect the third puzzle piece from the hole.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Finally open the blue cupboard and collect a Rubik's cube, this is a clue.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8Show
You now need to go back up to the garage.
Use the sledge hammer to break the cracked floor and you can collect one more puzzle piece.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Then back down to the bunker and view the picture on the wall for a puzzle.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8
Add the 4 pieces to start it. You then need to complete the picture by arranging the pieces. Tap the blue buttons to rotate the sections.
Solution: Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8Show

The picture is now a clue.

We can now open the locked green locker.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Combine the picture clue with the Rubik's Cube. The same number appear on both.
Solution: get the numbers from the picture in the order of the car on the track. This give us, Red 9, Yellow 2, White 16, Blue 13, Orange 85, Green 44
Now we look at the cube. Start with the 9 (red) then move to the 2 (yellow), this move is DOWN. Then move to the 16 (white), this is LEFT >> UP to 13 (blue) >> RIGHT to 85 (orange) >> LEFT to 44 (green)

Code: Down, Left, Up, Right, Left.Show

Collect some letter pieces and a power cord.

Now view the sign on the floor. Then add the letters to the board.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Arrange the letters to complete the sign. There are some brown marks to guide you and from previous chapters you should get the idea.
Solution: Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8Show

Now check the letters and numbers marked by the green arrows
Code: LHYE17Show

Next, use the power cord on the security camera system on the desk and view the monitor.
This gets you more evidence.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Tap the unlock button on the gate on the right.You need a 6 character code.
Use the code found above to open it.

Exit the bunker to find Luca and Darius. Luca shoots at Darius, you then return fire and he will drive off.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

You will get some keys. Got to the garage and sue then on the dirt bike so you can give chase.
This starts a forest maze puzzle.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Move around the maze avoiding Luca and collecting the items to help us.
You will need to collect an Axe to chop the trees. Collect logs to let you cross the 2 blue water tiles. You will need the shovel to dig in the X spot to find a key and then you must reach the Chest top left to get a trip wire.
Use the trip wire to stop Luca. Place the trip wire somewhere he cannot avoid, after one of the ramps works.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

Now that Luca is stopped you will have another shooting puzzle as you did previously.
Move the sights to find him and take your shot. Continue until his health bar drops.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

If you miss he will shoot back and damage you.
Once done Luca is arrested and you have solved the case.
Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 8

You can watch the ending scenes.
We hope you found this guide useful. If you have any questions please go to the Answers Page.

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