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This is our full walthrough and guide for Chapter 3 of The Covenant, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku Games.

With 2 members of your party gone and stuck in the woods you need to keep investigating the area to find a way to escape.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

As before you need to choose someone to buddy up with as you head off to hunt for food. You can talk to each one before deciding. The person you choose only seems to affect the conversations you have and not the story so pick anyone you like.

After the conversations you arrive at an old hunting cabin.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Star: top left in the tree branches.

Look for clues of animals.

Tap to view the green leaf on the tree to the left to see bite marks.

In the bottom foreground to the right is some brown fur, tap this.

In the center bottom are some hoof marks.

Tap the chest freezer on the right to open it. There are arrows and something else but you cannot collect it yet.

Tap the cabin on the right to go inside. You will get a diagram explaining how to hunt.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

There are also some diagrams on the wall help identify animals, as well as a clue that says Honor won with 2766 points.

Collect the measuring tape from the bench top and tap to open the small drawer under it to find an empty lighter.

Open the cupboard on the right to see another mystery hand.

Then collect a key from the coat pocket.

Open the first aid kit and collect a pair of scissors.

Next Tap to knock down the garbage can on the left to reveal a second broken bow.

Use the scissors to cut the string off the second bow and then attach it to the first one.

Go back outside.

Use the lighter on the fuel tank in front of the cabin to fill it. Then use the full lighter on the ice in the freezer to melt it. Collect the arrows.

Note the rotting carcass in front of the freezer.

Use the tape measure to measure the height of leaf on the tree with the bite marks (36").

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Use the key to unlock the shed on the left and then tap to view the target for bow practice.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Go back inside and use the arrows with the bow to get a loaded bow.

We need to choose a bait to attract the right animal.

Hint: The clues we have seen will help us select this from the chart on the back wall.

The Covenant - Chapter 3



Tap to circle the correct items.

Bite Height: The bite mark on the leaf had four flat teeth and was 36? high - A8.

Fur color: Brown, + Trackshape = B7

Tap the box that correspond to A8 + B7 on the chart, the Deer.

Tap on the bait lockers on the left.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Place the deer note on the deer locker. to view it and see the lock, it has 4 color selectors.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Hint: The practice target has colors and numbers.



View the target and use the score clue written on the chalk board. 2766.

Note that the rings have values of 1, 10, 100, 1000, so we need to colours or 2 on the outer ring, 7 on the next etc.



Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue.

Go back inside and enter code to open the bait locker. Collect a salt lick.

Go back outside and place the salt lick on the tree stump.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

The wounded deer runs away and you need to follow it. Look for clues and choose a direction.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Hint: Look carefully for blood, fur, prints, cuts on trees and trampled plants.



Right, Left, Straight, Right, Straight, Left, Straight, Right, Left, Left, Straight, Left.

You find the deer but it again runs off into a cemetery.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Star: On the chapel building on the right.

There is a puzzle lock on the mausoleum door but we need to collect pieces to be able to solve it.

Tap to collect the matches on the bottom left.

Clue: Note the gravestones with hands and numbers.

Tap to enter the chapel on the left.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Star: on the window at the top.

Tap on the text above the doorway to read it.

“By the sum of our hands, The Hunger shall grow to encircle the earth eight times.”

Tap on the box on the left pew. a 4 digit code is needed.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Hint: The text above the door is a clue using the numbers from the graves.



Add the numbers from gravestones, 70 + 40 + 11 + 50 + 30 = 201. Multiply it by 8

Code :



Open the box and collect the old slides.

Next tap on the briefcase on the floor to view it. Another code lock and a tag that says, “For the one who walked first.”

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Add the slides to the projector and you can then view them on the screen.

Look through all the photos for a clue.

The Covenant - Chapter 3



In the photo of the family in robes walking the one in front is purple. The purple robe belongs to Pious.

Back to the briefcase and use the code



to open it up.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Collect the spade and the green marble tile from inside.

Go back outside and use the spade on the right (near gravestone 30) to dig and get another green marble tile.

Now you can tap on the mausoleum door and add the two green tiles to the puzzle board.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Hint: To solve the puzzle use the skulls to move the tiles around until it matches the pattern shown in the corners.You can start by moving the green ones to the outside, or the white ones to the center.

Once the door is open use the matches to light the torch. Then proceed.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

You get the deer and return to the camp.

But now the blood moon appears again and you need to vote.

The Covenant - Chapter 3

Tap the hand to choose your victim. And that ends Chapter 3. Move on to The Covenant - Chapter 4.

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