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Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

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Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

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This is a walkthrough for the Legend of the Sacred Stones Chapter 1. In this Adventure Mystery you play as Aila who must discover her past and solve the mystery of the 4 stone gods and their temples.

This chapter begins with a tutorial section to show you how to interact with items. Follow the initial instructions.
Pick up the knife, cut the leaves. You will then need to open a chest and solve the spell bock puzzle.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Hidden star - on the table to the bottom right

Hidden star - bed post on the bottom left.

Open the chest at the end of the bed.
Take the book from the top shelf, view the 4 pages for the symbols of each god, use the numbers on each page for the order. Then rotate the dial to select these in order.
Solution: 1, wind (light blue)
2, water (Blue)
3, earth (Yellow)
4, fire (red)

Open the chest and then collect a Rune block and the spell book.

Tap on the chest under the window.
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Place the blue rune block into the top. The blocks can be slid up and down or left and right at the bottom.
drag a block into the gap in the right center to move it down to the bottom row.
Reorder the blocks to make them match next to the symbols on the right.
Top to bottom this is Yellow, Red White, blue, green.
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Collect the bottle of moon elixir from the chest.

Tap the cupboard on the lower right to open the door and then collect a step ladder.

Place the step ladder in from of the large cabinet to the right of the door
You can now tap and collect the jar of toadstools from the top.

Now tap on the table with the glass on it.
Select and place the Toadstools, leaves, Elixir and spell book on the table.
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Follow the recipe on the right page to place the ingredients.
The left page is the guide to the steps.
First symbols is toadstoolsShow
Second is leaves
Third is spoon to stir
Fourth is Elixir[/spoiler]

1. Add Elixir
2. Leaf, Leaf, Toadstool
3. Stir
4. Elixir, Toadstool, Leaf, Toadstool, Elixir
5, Stir
6. leaf, toadstool, elixir, toadstool, leaf, toadstool
7. Stir

This gives you a Purple tonic.
Select the tonic and tap the mother in the bed.
You are given a pendant. Go outside
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Hidden star: Upper Right on the waterfall

Tap to collect a shovel blade from the sand.

Tap the boat to the left.
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Tap to read a scroll letter from Milo on the left

Collect the screws. Tap the drawer on the right to open and then collect a key.

Back up and use the key on the locked box in the sand, bottom center. Collect a screwdriver

Tap the boat again and then place the Shovel blade on the handle.
Add the screws, then use the screwdriver to tighten them. You now have the shovel

Use the shovel on the sand to the right to uncover a box.You will need 4 pendants for this.
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Back up and now use the shovel on the ground where you see an X in stones.
Collect a bucket.
Use the bucket on the water to fill it.

Next tap the boat again and use the bucket of water on the glass bottle. You can now collect a water pendant piece.
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Go back into the hut (open door on the top right)

Tap the turtle picture above the bed
Add the piece to collect the full water pendant.
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Use the shovel on ground near the center of the scene, there is a pile of stones. Find a green and gold box.
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Tapping the 4 buttons changes the symbols
Hint: There are 4 symbols hidden on the scene. find these and note their positions.Show
Solution: 2 symbols are on trees on the left, one higher and one lower.
1 high to the right of the center arch, 1 lower on the right under the house steps.
Change the buttons to match these.

Open to collect the fire pendant.

Use the shovel now on a patch of stones by the base of the left tree.
Collect the wind pendant

Go back to the box on the right. You will need to place the 4 pendants you have collected in the slots.
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Solve the puzzle by rotating the circles to move and position the correct coloured icons next to the pendants.
Tap the center of each circle to rotate it.

Hint: Start by getting 3 of each colour into the correct places, then get the 4 center circle items in the right order.
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

Collect a locket from the box. Go back inside and give the locket to Mother.

Next go back outside and the locket will activate.

Tap the center archway to view it and then on the blue symbol on the locket when it appears.
You will be shown a puzzle.
Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1

You can tap the squares to change them. You need to set the right pattern to open it.
Hint: The clue for this is found on the book of the 4 gods in the house. Tap to view it and then tap left to close it and see the front cover.Show
Solution: Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 1Show

You can now open the doorway and complete chapter 1.

Continue on to Legend of the Sacred stones - Chapter 2

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