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Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

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The Echo Bay Murders is an escape puzzle game from Haiku Games, playable through their Adventure Escape Mysteries app.

This is our full walkthrough of Chapter 3 of The Echo Bay Murders. In chapter 2 you escaped from the cabin of the kidnapper and now you are in the forest.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

Star: bottom of the waterfall.

Collect the shoe from the river to add to your evidence log.

Collect a weight from the base of the tree on the right, and another from the bush next to the tree stump on the left.

Next collect the antenna from the front of the truck then use this on the truck door to open it.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

Inside the truck collect the knife from the seat and move the leaves top left to collect electrical tape.

Press the button on the radio several times to note a sequence of numbers that the dial stops at. This is a clue.


8, 13, 7, 9

Tap the control on the left to open the hood.

Exit the car and you can now collect a hook from the engine bay.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

Use the knife on the zip line to collect some steel cable and then also on the tree stump on the left to collect a branch.

Go back into to the car. Add the branch to the broken fishing rod on the floor and then add the tape to fix it.

Then add to it the steel cable and the hook. You will get a complete fishing rod.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

Exit the car again. Then use the fishing rod on the stream to the left of the far to collect another weight. and then again to collect a locked box.

Check the locked box. The lock has animals as the clue.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

Now view the back of the truck. There is a scale here for weighing animals.

Place the three weights on the back with the rest. You can now use the weights to discover the correct weight of each of the animals shown in the images.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3



Fish = 5

Rabbit = 10

Fox = 15

Beaver = 53

Wolf = 115

Deer = 124

Use this information to unlock the box. Combine the 2 weights of the paired animals to get the numbers for the code.


Fish + Wolf = 5 + 115 = 120

Wolf + Fox = 115 + 15 = 130

Deer + Rabbit = 124 + 10 = 134

Rabbit + Beaver = 10 + 53 = 63

Open the box and collect the climbing gear.

Use the climbing gear and tap the top of the cliff to climb up.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

Star: in the stream near the waterfall.

Collect the axe from the left.

Now you need to go back down (left) to the truck area.

Use the axe on the tree stump on the left to chop it down.

Ten again on the fallen log to cut it into 3 pieces. Collect these.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

Go back up to top area and then tap to view the river. There is a log puzzle.

Add the three logs with the rest then solve it to get across.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

Now we have to solve the Logs Puzzle.

Hint: make a continuous path to the X for Kate. roll the logs in the water to make the path.



Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

You can now collect the shovel and the matches from the right side.

First use the shovel to dig in the loose dirt to next to where the shovel was.

Inside the hole you find Ava. This adds more evidence to the notebook.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

Collect the two pieces of cloth from her hands and mouth.

Go back down to the truck area and use the shovel to dig up a suitcase buried by the locked box.

This requires a 5 digit code.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3



Use the sequence of numbers from the radio in the truck




8 13 7 9


Collect a butane fuel can from inside.

Next tap on the fuel tank cap on the truck to open it and then use the 2x cloth pieces on this to get a Gas soaked cloth.

Go back up to the top area. On the top left is a large boulder.

Add the butane canister to it, then also the gas soaked cloth.

Finally use the matches on this to light it and wait for the explosion.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

You can now enter a cave behind the waterfall.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

Collect an empty lantern from the table on the right and a hammer from the ground.

Open the green case on the floor in the center to collect a map piece and a Star.

Tap the jacket on the peg to move it and find a Fuel siphon to collect.

Exit the cave and go back to the truck.

Ad the fuel siphon to the gas tank and also the lantern. You then get a Gas lantern.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

You can now return to the cave.

Place the lantern on the table to light up the back area.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

Tap to lift the rug to find another map piece and then move the pillow on the hammock for a third piece.

Then use the hammer on the loose wall rocks at the top to find and collect another map piece.

Now view the torn map on the wall. Add the 4 pieces to complete it.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

This shows 5 trails with colors. Each one resembles the branch of a tree.

Under the hammock is a chest with a 5 color code lock. You need to find 5 colors.

Hint: Exit a view the large tree on the right. The branches here will match the trails.



Look for the matching branches for each of the trails. Order these from left to right.



Evergreen Trail - Green, Big Bass Trail - Pink, Long River Trail - Light blue, Sunset Trail -Yellow, Fall Ridge Trail - Orange

Open the chest and collect the dog tags as evidence.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 3

A car arrives and you are trapped.

That completes Chapter 3, move on to Echo Bay Chapter 4

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