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Let us help you get through this adventure escape mystery game from Haiku games with our 100% complete Covenant walkthrough. On this page your'll find our guide to Chapter 1, and you can find links to walkthroughs of all 8 chapters of The Covenant by checkout out our guide menu.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

The game begins with some students and a teacher in a parking area preparing to go camping.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Star: on the corner of the table

The teacher, Mr. Sparks, asks you to get the quizzes from his car. Tap the car to open the car trunk and take the quizzes.

Tap to open the tool box that is on the ground and take the pliers. Next back at the trunk, tap to open the bag and view the note, this is a clue for later.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Then tap the zipper pull inside the bag to find that it is stuck. Use the pliers to open it fully and take out the phone.

Tap to talk to Turner and you get a clue to opening his case, next talk to Kelly to get the CD of the album they recorded. Collect this.

Talk to Seychelle and she will open the guitar case. You can tap to view some sheet music. Collect the tuner.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Use the CD on the CD player in the car trunk and then add the tuner. Tap to play music and reveal a set of 4 notes.

Hint: Compare the four notes from the CD to the sheet music in the guitar case to work out the letters of the four notes.




Tap the blue suitcase to see the lock, you can now enter the code



to open it.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Collect the bug spray from the suitcase.

Now you can use the bug spray to remove the bugs in the tree behind the table.

The tree has distinctive leaves, they look like hands with 5 fingers.

Tap the tree to collect a Five Finger Maple leaf.

(and see a real hand appear and disappear)

Next we need to complete the quiz that we unloaded from the car.

Tap on the paper sheets on the table.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

There is only 1 question fortunately. "What year did the Grants came to this country?"

Hint: A clue found above can help



From the scholarship letter. You can subtract 300 years from 2020 = 1720.

Add the five finger maple leaf and your phone to the quiz sheet to complete it.

Now you move into the woods to make your way to the campsite.

You need to complete a mini puzzle game where you locate the other students.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Hint: Starting in the bottom right you need to move through the puzzle and reach each person in turn. But as you 'collect' people you cannot go backwards over any squares that have a person in them. The more you collect the harder it is to navigate.



Start by moving through the map alone to reach to the top left corner and collect the purple and orange framed students up there. Then move down and get yellow, to the right to get green over and down to get red and then back across to the left to get the final 2.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

The next task is to set up camp. Jobs are assigned.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Star: on the dark tent at the back with studs.

Collect the shovel from the left.

Tap to view the book on the floor. Remember this for clues.

Tap the water cooler to move is and collect a lens. Add this to the telescope and Joanne will as you for some help with constellations.

Hint: Tap pairs of stars to join them with a line and match the pattern on the right. There are 3 constellations to match.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Once done collect the cleaver from Joanne.

Tap on the yellow tent on the left, this is Nicky’s tent and has a 4 digit lock.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Hint: there is a clue in the book.



Mark and Nicky scored a touchdown on February 17. This gives us 02/17 or 0217.

Use the code to enter the tent.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Tap to collect a piece of firewood, at the back on the right tent pole.

Tap the pillow to move it to find a photo of Seychelle and other items. Collect the cigarettes and the slingshot.

Exit the tent and now tap the signpost in the back center of the camp to move into the forest.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Star: on a pair of eyes in the forest top left.

Mark and Nicky are here. Talk to Mark and he’ll give you a piece of firewood.

You can now collect a another piece of firewood from the ground next to Mark. Use the cleaver to cut another from the log on the left. Then use the shovel to get another from the mud mound.

For the last one you use the slingshot to knock down the branch from the tree above Marks Head.

Talk to Nicky to try to get his lighter. He lies but talk again and he tells you to first prove he smokes.

Use the cigarettes on Nicky and you will get the lighter.

Return to the camp area.

Place the 6 pieces of firewood in the fire pit and then use the lighter to light a campfire.

The Covenant Walkthrough - Chapter 1

Watch the cut scene, and the mystery begins.

That completes Chapter 1, now move on to The Covenant - Chapter 2

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