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This is our full guide and walkthrough to Chapter 3 of The Sultan's Inventor, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku games.

You have escaped from the dungeon and are now in some abandoned gardens. You find a note that directs you to find the butterfly gems to find the keys. The keys will open a door hidden in the royal gardens.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3
The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

First tap on the stained glass window that is on the ruined wall to view it.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Star: Top of the window.

The window design is a clue. Note the colors and directions of the arrows hidden in the image.

2 blue arrows point left

1 green arrow clockwise rotation.

1 purple down, 1 purple down/right.

1 yellow up/right, 1 yellow up/left.

Now tap on the table in the center to view a butterfly box.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

This has a blue gem on top that can be moved along colored paths. Move it on the correct path to open the box.

Hint: use the arrow clues from the window above.



Your first path must be blue so move blue left. Then green clockwise, yellow up/right, purple down/right, purple down, yellow up/left, blue left.

The box opens and you can collect the red butterfly gem.

Tap the tree above the swing to make 2 apricots fall, then collect them.

Tap the archway to move down the path to the next area. The Sultana is talking to Jamal and Jamal is planning to become Sultan.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Star: in the bush bottom right.

Collect the blue butterfly gem from the bush bottom right.

Then collect a small key from a green bush on the bottom left.

Tap the stairs to go up and find a cupboard with food for the tigers.

Use the key to open it. Collect the meat and feeding notes.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Then collect the spear head from the lower shelf.

Now back up to the first area with the apricot tree.

Use the spear head to cut the rope off the swing. You get spear head and rope.

Go back to the second area and to the right of the pond use the spear head and rope on the stick that is there to attach it and collect a spear.

Now use the spear on the pond to collect a fish.

Tap on the tiger to view it and the 7 feeding bowls.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Place the meat, fish and apricots down and read the instructions.

You need to figure out how to feed her.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3



The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

1 fish, 1 apricot, 1 meat, 4 apricots, 2 fish, 2 apricots, 5 meat.

You will receive the yellow butterfly gem.

The tiger is gone and now you can give the other apricot to the monkey to get the purple key.

Collect the shovel head from behind where the tiger was on the ground.

Go back to the first area and use the shovel head with the handle on the right to attach it and collect the shovel.

Use the shovel on the boarded up window on the right to collect a board.

Then use the shovel on the dirt to the right of the swing to dig up the blue key.

Now tap on the wall to the left of the stained glass to reveal a puzzle. View this.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Add the three butterfly gems to the slots on the left to start the puzzle.

Hint: Each butterfly has to move through 12 flowers in the correct order. Tap on the butterflies on the rock and note down the flowers they move to each time you tap them.



use the sequences below and repeat them 4 times each to trace out the path for each butterfly.

Red: Purple, Red, Green

Blue: Blue, Pink, Red

Yellow: Green, Purple, Pink

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

A wall section opens below and you can collect the green key.

Go back to the pond area.

Tap the green weeping willow tree to move the leaves aside to reveal a lever. Tap to pull it down to shut off the waterfall and reveal a door.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Now place the wood board in the water. You can now cross to the door.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Use all three color keys in the door to open it.

You enter the Sultan’s study and meet Princess Amira who is the one who has been helping you.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Star: on the peacock feathers above the bookcase.

Tap the book on the desk to move it and then collect the Gameboard piece.

Tap to view the book case and collect another Gameboard piece.

Now view the photos on the wall by the Princess. Note the symbols next to each.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Now tap to view the globe in the bottom left, this is a puzzle.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Hint. Use the arrows to rotate the rings and change the symbols. Make them match the ones on the photos.



The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Once open collect another gameboard piece from inside.

Now tap on the back of the desk to view the lock.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Hint: we need to tap the 4 symbols to change them and set them correctly, we need the Eighth, Third, Sixth and Tenth. The books above and on the shelves are the clues.



Look at the book case to find a book showing the first symbol. Now check all the books to find this symbol on another book and this will give you the second symbol as well. Then find a match for that to then get the third symbol. Once you a sequence of symbols you can find the 4 correct ones as specified above



The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Collect the gameboard piece and view the letter.

Now tap on the low table on the back left to view the game board.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

Add the 4 pieces that you have.

Hint: Each row and column must have 3 black and 3 white squares. But no more that 2 adjacent pieces in any row or column can be the same color. All rows must be unique in layout and also all columns.



The final bottom right piece is white.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 3

You will receive a peacock emblem.

Use the emblem on the door of the wardrobe to open it. This gets you the automaton and completes the chapter. You now move on to The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 4

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