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Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

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The Echo Bay Murders is an escape puzzle game from Haiku Games, playable through their Adventure Escape Mysteries app.

This is our full walkthrough of Chapter 1 of The Echo Bay Murders. Another murder mystery game featuring Detective Kate Gray. The game begins with a cut scene section to introduce the characters and start the story.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

There is a missing woman and a suspected serial killer to investigate. You arrive at the fuel stop.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Star: on the left most light bulb above the entrance door (on the right).

First collect the brush from the ground and then top on the bin to the right to collect a keypad button.

Now talk to the witness, Mila, in the blue shirt for information.

Tap to view the keypad by the large garage door.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Add the key to it to fix it. The you need to find the code.

Hint: there is a clue on the sign above the building.



4 letter are flashing. C Y E O. these letter on the keypad are 1925

You can now enter the garage.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Tap the blue cabinet on the left to open the top and bottom doors. Collect a Star from the top and a Fuse from the bottom.

Collect the small step ladder.

Now tap the large red cabinet to see a padlock puzzle.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Move the colored balls to their matching colored gears. Press a gear to rotate it. When the empty slot is aligned with a bridge, press the ball on the other side to move it across.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

You can now collect the spare keys.

Back out the parking area and then use the keys on the bathroom door. Darius will leave to check the perimeter. Enter the bathroom.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Star: On the light above the mirror / sink.

Add the brush to the long handle leaning on the wall to collect a Broom. Then also collect a rag from the bucket.

Now open the stall door and tap on the toilet seat to put it down.

You can now collect an uncharged phone.

Next place the step ladder against the wall under the broken window.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

You can now collect the torn piece of clothing from the window ledge, and a wallet from the victim. Tap the drivers license to also add it to your evidence log.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Then view the paper in the top of the wallet for a clue.


39072 83516 50401

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

You can also view the 2 cards on the lower half of the wallet.

Finally use the broom on the broken glass on the floor to sweep it up. Collect a small key.

Then use the rag on the sink to collect a Damp rag.

Go back outside and tap on the victims car, you will see a dirty code lock.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Use the damp rag on this to clean it. There are now buttons with numbers.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Hint the code can be found from the paper in the wallet.



There are 3 sets of numbers on the paper but 2 of them have the number '0'. But there is no 0 on the lock. So use the other number. 83516. Tap the buttons associated with these 5 digits.

Now you look inside the car.

Take the USB cable from the seat, then use if on the charging port on the center box. Add the phone to it to let it charge.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Next, use the small key to unlock the glove compartment.

Collect a second fuse. Then press the button that is inside, to unlock the trunk.

Exit and tap the trunk of the car to collect an extension cord.

After talking to Darius, go back into the garage. Use the extension cord on the car lift control to give it power. Then press the button on the lift control to lower the car.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Yo can now see 2 boards on the wall to the left of the car. From the first collect the screwdriver and the duct tape. The second is a calendar which you can view. We know the garage is closed this week which gives us a clue to the date.

Go back out to the victims car. To the right of the steering wheel is a small panel with 2 screws.

Use the screwdriver to open this panel and collect a third fuse.

Now go back to the garage again and use the screwdriver to open the fuse box on the wall to the left of the large red cabinet. View this.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Add the three fuses to start a Puzzle.

Hint: Move each colored spark onto its matching colored slot. Select a spark and then press a directional arrow to move it, the sparks will move as far as they can so you will need to block them with others.

You can now view a desk at the back. There is a security monitor, but the wire is broken.

Use the duct tape to fix this.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Go back to the car and then collect the phone that is now charged.

View this to see a message log.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

Hint: the messages will give you information about when the victim was at the gas station and when she went missing.

Solution: bottom message refers to tomorrow being Tuesday, today is Monday. The calendar in the garage tells us the date for the Monday when the garage is closed. Next is at 6:45 PM and the victim is at the gas station. By 7:10 she is not answering.

Return to the garage and the security monitor.

Enter the correct date and time.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1



6:45 PM on Monday, March 8, 2021.

This gives us a photo of a suspect seen breaking in to the bathroom.

Leave the garage and talk to Darius.

You leave to go to the hotel but you are shot at, and and then kidnapped.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 1

That is the end of Chapter 1

Continue to Echo Bay Chapter 2

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