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The Covenant - Chapter 5

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The Covenant - Chapter 5

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This is our full guide and walkthrough to Chapter 5 of The Covenant, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku games.

After climbing the radio tower in chapter 4 you decide its time to take the fight to the monster and check out its lair that you spotted.

The Covenant - Chapter 5

As before you need to start by choosing who to team up with. Its a good idea to pick someone you haven't been with before to get their conversations and information.

After you head out you will find a cave and inside a woman passed out and trapped under a rock.

The Covenant - Chapter 5

First tap to collect the bloody jacket and the phone from the ground.

We cannot move the rock on her leg but you can tap the large rock behind with the circle on it to view a puzzle

The Covenant - Chapter 5

Hint: arrange the pictures to the right spots in the circle. Clue is “By the sum of our hands, it shall encircle in time.”

Solution: there are 12 images each with a number of hands in them. Place them like a clock numbering 1 to 12 hands.

The Covenant - Chapter 5


Solving this opens a secret doorway. Go through to the next room.

Star: on the goblet flame on the table.

Reading the note on the table gives you a clue

“To keep The Hunger away from this location until nightfall, offer Innocent’s Blood, Voice of a Child, Bone of Man.”

Now you need to look at the hiker’s phone and unlock it.

The Covenant - Chapter 5

Hint: the white symbol on the boy’s toy.

Solution: Draw the symbol by connecting the dots.Show

Once unlocked, we cannot access voicemail as we need a PIN.

The Covenant - Chapter 5

Check the documents for a clue that we need Eli's high Core.

Tap on the games icon to open the Power Flower game. You need to complete the level.

Hint: select colors and then tap the squares to change their colors. You must fill the board with flower patterns and use the correct number of each color.

Solution: The Covenant - Chapter 5

(Replace the top right square with orange to complete it)Show

Once done note that Eli’s score is 4619Show.

Select the phone icon and enter 4619Show as the voicemail pin.

You can then play and hear a voicemail of Eli laughing.

While in the phone check the photos a look at the photos on the phone (3) for a clue.

The Covenant - Chapter 5

Back out of the secret room and then exit the cave.

The Covenant - Chapter 5

Star: in the grass, bottom left.

Collect the knife from on top of the backpack and the kettle from the left.

Tap on the large box container to see that it needs a 5 digit code.

The Covenant - Chapter 5

Hint there is a 5 digit number and clue in one of the phone photos.

Solution: Use the number on the 3rd photo but where they have arrows above them you need to add a number when you see an up arrow and subtract a number when you see a down arrowShow

Code: 95903.Show

Collect the soap from inside.

Go back into the cave and fill the kettle with some water from the stream.

Then go back out and place it on the stove, tap the button to boil the water.

Now return to the secret room. Use the knife on the red banner on the wall to cut some fabric. Notice the drawing.

Go back to the woman on the floor and first use the soap on the woman’s arm and then the clean water from the kettle to clean it. Finally add the red cloth to make a bandage.

Go back inside the secret room. The drawing on the wall is now mysteriously wiped away.

Tap to view the area of faces on the wall. This is a puzzle.

The Covenant - Chapter 5

Hint: Tap on the faces in sequence following the eyes to where they are looking at.

Solution: Start with the bottom left as no other face is looking at it. Follow the eyes. The final one is looking at you.

Tap to view the burial urn that is revealed. We have to solve a puzzle to open the lid.

The Covenant - Chapter 5

Hint: Swipe to move the marbles or tap to rotate the circles to move the marbles to the correct places.

Solution: Red on the outer ring, then blues, purples, and green in the center ring.Show

Collect the leg bone.

Place the phone (unlocked voice of the child), the bone, and the bloody jacket on the table.

The fire burns higher and we can collect a crowbar.

The Covenant - Chapter 5

Go back to the hiker outside and use the crowbar to move the boulder off of her leg.

There is a conversation and then you all return to the camp.

You will need to vote again. and now it includes you new hiker friend. It doesn't matter who you choose though ans the others vote for the hiker and her brief time with you is over.

The Covenant - Chapter 5

That completes chapter 5. Move on to The Covenant - Chapter 6

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