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Adventure Escape Mysteries is a collection of the popular Escape games from Haiku. When you first start you are presented with 3 choices to choose from but you can also access many of their other games from the same portal.
Adventure Escape Mysteries
Adventure Escape Mysteries

The main 3 games that are presented here with the option to choose and play:

Beginner - Legend of the Sacred stones
Intermediate - Trapmaker
Advanced - The Covenant

Other Adventure Escape games from Haiku include:
Murder Inn
Cult Mustery
Hidden Ruins
Xmas Killer

Each of the games are covered here with each chapter of the games described in details to show you the steps needed to solve the puzzles. There are hints to help you out or you can reveal the full solutions if needed.

If you have any trouble with any part of the games please head over to the Answers Page to ask a question there.


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