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The Covenant - Chapter 2

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The Covenant - Chapter 2

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This is our full guide and walkthrough to Chapter 2 of The Covenant, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku games.

After making camp in Chapter 1 and the appearance of the blood moon eclipse Mr Sparks, has been taken and you are lost in the woods.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

First tap on each of the characters to talk and they will all offer to partner with you.

Then tap on the sign post at the back to head out and choose 1 person to accompany you. It doesn't seem to matter who you choose.

After some conversation you end up at an old cabin. There is a short scene with a mysterious hand again. And you go into the Cabin.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

Inside the cabin it is dark. So you need to tap the doorway to exit and find a lightbulb.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

Star: on the ground in front of the open door.

From the left of the door collect a red Bug Swatter.

Then tap the lantern to the left of the door to collect the light bulb.

Go back inside and use the light bulb on the lamp.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

Star: On the top lamp.

Use the bug swatter to clear away the spider on the far right. Take the vacuum tube.

Tap to view the family portrait on the wall, this is a clue.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

Tap to view the dog tag around the skeleton’s neck to see it says “Lucky Dog.”

The Covenant - Chapter 2

Open the cabinet under the sink to find a pipe puzzle.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

Hint: rearrange the pipes by sliding the squares to make a complete pipe from top to bottom right.

Solution: There will be more than one way, but this way worked: Just slide the last piece on the right.

The Covenant - Chapter 2Show

Collect from the sink a second vacuum tube.

Tap the stairs to go up to the bedroom.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

First tap the closet door on the left, it is locked and we cannot open it.

Then tap the right pillow to move it and take the key.

Go back downstairs and outside. Tap the car to remove the cover and then you can use the key to unlock the car trunk.

There is a locked toolbox with an eight digit lock.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

Hint: There were 8 people in the family picture.

Solution: Count the fingers held up by each person in the picture.Show

Code: 35688497Show

Open the toolbox. Collect the oil can and screwdriver.

Go back inside and upstairs. If you have already tried to open the closet then it will now have opened by itself.

There is a safe.

First use the oil can on the bedside drawer to free it and then open and collect another vacuum tube.

Next use the screwdriver on the old radio on the right to open it and get another vacuum tube.

On the floor is a large chest with a 4 letter lock.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

Hint: The insignia on the lock matches the symbol on the dog tag.

Solution: The dog tag has a name crossed out. But the corpse is wearing the same hat as 'Miracle' in the picture. The dog tag must have been for Miracle "Lucky Dog" Grant.Show

Code: MLDGShow

Collect a fifth vacuum tube.

Go back down and tap on the TV to find another puzzle game.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

Place the five vacuum tubes onto the TV puzzle.

Hint: Place the 10 tubes from the right onto the sockets on the board to route the laser to the bottom right.

Solution: You must use all 10 tubes.

Place the final one in the solution below to complete the puzzle.

The Covenant - Chapter 2Show

The TV is now working. Just about. Tap to view the screen.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

Move through each of the 4 channels to see bits of a faint image. Combining these gives you a code.

Code: 8317Show

Go back upstairs and use this code to unlock the safe. Collect the one bullet from inside.

Go back downstairs and use the bullet on the gun. You now collect a loaded revolver.

Exit the cabin and there is another creepy hand cut scene.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

"No one leaves the forest until The Covenant is complete."

You run back to the camp.

You now need to talk to each person again and then decide who to vote for to be taken.

Tap the ominous hand to select a person to sacrifice. It seems to not matter who you pick. The person you pick will be taken but if you choose someone the game needs then you will be overruled by the others.

The Covenant - Chapter 2

That completes Chapter 2. Move on now to The Covenant - Chapter 3.

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