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Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

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This is our full guide to chapter 7 of Legend of the Sacred Stones, another exciting mystery escape game from Haiku games.

Following chapter 6 we were knocked out by the the wind god and now find ourselves back at home. But the magical locket is missing.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

After the conversations the mother asks you to fetch a journal from the basement.

First collect the step ladder. Then from the table collect matches and a compass hand

Next open the cupboard on the right and collect a pry bar.

Tap to open the book of the gods again from the top right shelf. Collect a second compass hand.

Use the pry bar to open the box on the cupboard on the right. Collect the tweezers and a gemstone.

Use the tweezers on the picture of the turtle above the bed to lift up the paper and get another gemstone.

Now tap the rug to lift ant and find the trap door with a lock.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Talk to Aila’s mother and she will tell you that the code for the trap door should be in one of Arthur’s books.

Hint: Check again the book of the gods (The only book). Note the numbers on each page for an order. The code entry is 4 sets of 3 letters.



In number order use the first 3 letters fro each name of the 4 gods.

1: GLA

2: AQU

3: AUT

4: SOL

Now you can go down to the basement.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Tap on the notice board to the right of the green door to view it. Collect another compass hand.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Next on the walls tap to push in all of the bricks that are sticking out. Collect another gemstone from the floor tile that opens.

Place the step ladder next to the note board and then tap to collect the lantern from the top shelf.

Then place the lantern on the hook to the left of the green door and use the matches to light it.

From the now lit corner collect the journal and a piece of family crest.

Now you must go back upstairs and give the journal to the mother. She then tells the story about your past.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Once all the conversations are over you will have a cabinet key.

Use the key to open the cabinet to the right of the door. Collect the brush head and a trowel.

Use the trowel to remove the plant from the planter and then grab the gemstone.

Place the four gemstones into the slots on the box on the table top open it. Collect another piece of family crest.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Go back downstairs and add the brush head to the broom handle be the green door. Use it to sweep up the broken glass on the ground, then collect the family crest and compass hand that are revealed.

Now tap the desk on the right to view a compass.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Place the 4 compass hands on to it and a panel will be opened. You will find a code puzzle to solve.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Hint: Around the room are 4 coloured books with symbols that match those in the puzzle. The books are the same colours as the compass hands.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7



On the compass the hands point at roman numerals. Match the symbols to a colour on the books, then get the numerals from the compass of that colour. use the green arrow on the outer edge to show where to start and the direction.

White: II VI X

Blue: VII IX

Yellow: I V VII


Take the final family crest piece.

Now add the four family crest pieces to the green door. This reveals a puzzle with planets.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

This is a tricky puzzle, you need to move the planets (balls) to the correct colour backgrounds. Tap any ball to move it to the empty space as long as it is next to the space (on a line).

Tap the open doorway to exit out to the Summer Temple.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

You meet Siegfried again and he returns the locket. The Summer temple activates and you now have a new power over Fire.

Collect from the left a hammer and a Crystal bowl.

Use the hammer to remove a loose wooden plank from the platform on the right.

Use the wooden plank on the giant hand. It’s too heavy, to lift but you can ask Siegfried to help. Collect the axe.

Tap the symbol in the center to use your locket. Use the earth power to grow vines.

Next use the Fire power to light the vines.

Fill the crystal bowl with water from the ocean and then place it on top of the fire.

Next use the water power to put out the fire. Then take back the crystal water bowl.

Use the Axe on the wooden trap door to the left. Collect the lens and the sun key.

Replace the lens on the telescope and then look through.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Move the 4 coloured circles up and down until the stars are in focus. This is a clue.



Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Also now tap the scroll on the beach for a further clue.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Tap on the door behind the hand.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Use the sun key on the lock, it will reveal a star symbol.

Use your fire gem power on it to make buttons appear.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Hint: The scroll tells us what the bottom symbol number is . (IV). Look for and count the symbols on the telescope view.



From top to bottom tap in buttons for 3, 2, 4, 5, 4

With the door open tap to go through to the temple entrance.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Pick up the fishing reel from the left and and two summer pendants.

Backup to the beach and add the fishing reel to the fishing rod to collect it.

Use the fishing rod on the water to collect a stone slab piece.

Return to the temple entrance.

Place the stone slab piece in the gap on the right to complete that symbol.

Now you can use the water gem power on the symbol, then collect the summer pendant.

Tap the writing in the alcove to see that it says:

“An offering of water must be pure and free of the ocean’s minerals.”

From before we have a crystal bowl of boiled water. Place this on the boiled and purified the water, so place the water bowl on the water pedestal. Then take the next crystal bowl.

With this bowl we need to repeat the steps from the first one. Fill it with water. Boil it on the fire. But then also use the wind power to freeze it.

Place the ice bowl on the Wind pedestal. Take the next crystal bowl.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

When you go back to the beach now Ollie is standing there. Talk to him and he’ll give you the other stone slab that you need.

Go back up to the temple and place the stone slab to complete the left star symbol.

Use the earth stone on this one and then take the gloves. Use the the crystal bowl that you have on the blue Urn to collect the ashes from it.

Again check the writing, it says:

“An offering of fire, ignited from the ashes of the blessed Tree of Life.”

Return to the beach and place the bowl of ashes on the fire pit again. Use the fire power to light it and then collect the burning bowl of ashes with the gloves.

Back to the temple and now and place the fire bowl on the fire pedestal.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

From the new platform collect the summer pendant.

Then check the writing: “Sapling to the Tree of Life. Offer its root as a sacrifice.”

Use the axe on the roots below the writing to get a root.

Place the sapling root in the final bowl that’s on the earth pedestal. This will activate a new star symbol.

Use the fire gem power on the star to reveal another pillar puzzle.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Tap to change the direction of the lasers and the mirrors to direct light up the crystals.

The first is easy

The second has some pieces that split the laser beams.



Tap the final mirror, bottom right, to complete it.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Once done there will be a second puzzle with a more difficult solution.



As before tap the final mirror (top right) to complete the puzzle.

Legend of the sacred stones - Chapter 7

Finally place the four summer pendants on the the door. It will open.

Talk to Arthur and then Tap to go into the temple to complete the chapter.

Continue to Legend of the Sacred Stones - Chapter 8.

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