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This is our full walthrough for Chapter 4 of Trapmaker, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku Games.

After escaping the padded cell in Chapter 3 you are now back in a booby trapped conference hall.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

First we need to investigate the armoured vehicle.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Star: Bottom left

Tap the chair on the right and then tap to collect some green tongs. And again to collect some washers.

Then collect the side mirror from the vehicle.

Tap the rock in the bottom center to move it and find a power outlet. Then plug in the vending machine.

Use the washers as conference tokens in the vending machine. Then use the tongs to extract the can of adrenaline cola.

Tap the car door with the keypad to view it.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Hint: Look at the vehicle windows, each one has a grid with one square filled in.



Make sure to include the front (broken) window. 48559.

To help the wounded man, open his med kit.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Pour the adrenaline cola into the broken adrenaline bottle to replace it.

For this puzzles you need to read the instructions and place the 6 items into the correct order.




Ointment tube

Pink bottle




Trapmaker - Chapter 4

There is a laser blocking your entry to the vehicle. Use the mirror to deflect the laser.

Collect the ladder from the top back wall. And a metal bar from the back floor.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Tap to view the diagram on the right wall. Look at the poster on the wall with a diagram of the car. This is a clue.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Note this block on the left by the glass cage. Place the metal bar in the hole which will remove the bars surrounding the glass.

Tap on the keypad.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Hint: note the red lines. Check the diagram on the wall again.



Each red line on the diagram is a different length and relates to a number.




Tap to talk to Wendy. She wants to speak to Oscar.

Go back outside and talk to Oscar. He gives you a lockpick to use. Go back inside and use the lockpick to free Wendy.

Go back outside and talk to Wendy. She’ll give you instructions on how to access their 'stash'.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Take the horseshoe 'Lucky Charm'.

Go back inside the vehicle and find a way to follow the instructions.

Hint: The colours / patterns on the arrows match items in the vehicle. 2 chairs, 2 levers, 2 button on the right.



From let to right, make the left chair as far back as it goes. Move the right chair forward.

Move the green lever to the right. Move the blue striped lever to the left.

Set the blue arrows button up. Set the yellow arrows button down.

Now Insert the horseshoe in the slot on the back panel.

Collect an illegal signal booster, 2 long cables, and a bomb suppression blanket.

Use the cables on the radio on the back shelf to connect one.

Go back outside. Use the bomb blanket on the engine fire to put it out.

Then place the ladder below the dish.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Now you can connect the other wire to the satellite dish. Then add the signal booster next to the dish.

Tap on the signal booster to view the wave patterns. You need to use the dials to get the green signal to match up with the blue signal.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Once done once the signal will change and you need to do it again.

Solution 1:


Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Solution 2:


Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Go back inside the vehicle and tap on the radio to call backup.

There are dialogue choices, it doesn't matter what you start with but when Trapmaker speaks tap on:

“There’s his voice, Murphy.”

This ends the conversation and the vehicle catches fire with you trapped inside.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

Tap the left chair to open the upholstery and collect some torn cloth. Then tap again to get the asbestos pad.

Use the asbestos pad on the radio fire to put out the flames.

Use the torn cloth to pick up the bent metal bar from the left.

Then use the metal bar to break the back window. Tap to escape.

Trap maker put out the fire.

Trapmaker - Chapter 4

That’s the end of Chapter 4, move on now to chapter 4.

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