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The Covenant - Chapter 6

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This is our full guide and walkthrough to Chapter 6 of The Covenant, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku games.

After rescuing the hiker in Chapter 5 and then voting to let her die Sam is now upset but with a path found to the Mansion in the forest you must move on and take this opportunity to look for the solution.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

First you must choose your partner again. Then you leave for the house.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

We have to break in. Tap the lower window to open it and then again to climb through into a bedroom

The Covenant - Chapter 6

Star: on the pillow on the bed.

On the sofa, tap the cushion to move it and collect a laptop charger.

Open the white cupboard and collect a coat hanger.

Open the cupboard below the printer and take the printer paper.

Tap the rug to lift the side and collect a key.

Use the key to unlock the small blue drawers on the right and collect the greasy hair gel.

Go back outside and use the coat hanger to open the shed door.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

Collect the broom and the screwdriver then use the hair gel on the toolbox to un-stick the wheels so that you can move it. Collect a rope from behind it.

Go back inside and use the broom to get the baseball from under the bed.

Tap to open the small single drawer in front of the sofa. There is a remote in the drawer. Use the screwdriver on this to get the battery.

Go back outside. Use the baseball on the right window to break it. Then you can use the rope on it to throw it in so you can climb up to the second floor.

The Covenant - Chapter 6
The Covenant - Chapter 6

Tap the alarm clock to turn it around and then use the screwdriver to remove the battery.

Tap to collect a flash drive from the blue wheeled case to the left of the bed.

Note the clue written on the headboard: “The foundation of my house is buried under deep roots.”

Go back down the rope to the shed and put the two batteries in the metal detector. This opens a new puzzle.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

To solve this puzzle you need to tap each square to select it as either Dirt or Metal. This is similar to minesweeper, but you won't blow up.

Hint: the numbers indicate how many metal squares there are next to that one (including itself).



Change the final top right piece to metal to complete.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

Once done you will dig in the garden and uncover a buried chest. And a book

Collect the book. The chest will need to wait.

Star: on the newly dug ground.

Go back into the lower room and use the laptop charger to plug in the laptop.

Also add the paper to the printer.

Use the flash drive on the laptop. We need a 5 digit code.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

Hint: this is a mastermind type game, choose random numbers and it will tell you how many digits are correct.

Solution: The correct code is different each time so you will need to work on this yourself. change one number at a time and find what works.

Once unlocked we get to see Prudence Grants’s fingerprints. Print them out.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

Go back upstairs. Tap on the desk on the right and then use the print out on the fingerprint reader to open it.

Tap to collect the 'circular piece' and then tap again to find a puzzle with hair.

Hint: from the picture work out where each lock of hair goes.



The Covenant - Chapter 6

Tap on the safe at the end of the bed. This has a 4 digit code.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

Hint: Notice the clue: Brothers.



Check the hair again. Find the 4 brothers and get the numbers in order.




From the safe collect the book and the second circular piece.

Now tap on the bookshelf:

The Covenant - Chapter 6

Place both of your collected books on the shelf to fill the gaps. Then you have a puzzle.

Hint: Tap books to move them in and out to make a pattern.



Copy the pattern on the family crest on the headboard.

Tap the top right book to complete this one.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

Behind the shelf is an armored door. And a third circular piece to collect.

Now go back outside and tap the chest, add the three circular pieces to it.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

Hint: You can tap any of the circles to rotate them . Arrange them so that all of the adjacent colors match.



Tap the top center piece once more to rotate it and complete this puzzle.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

From the 'teeth' collect the family crest.

Go back to the upstairs room and place the family crest on the armored door.

Then go into the opened room to find the chains and discover the source of the blood.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

You are then returned to the camp. The body was the hiker from chapter 5.

You have a plan to make the vote but then capture the hunger with the chains. So make a choice and vote.

The Covenant - Chapter 6

The chains don’t work, and the next victim is taken. And that ends Chapter 6. Move on to The Covenant - Chapter 7.

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