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This is our full walthrough for Chapter 8 of Trapmaker, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku Games.

After finding and defusing all of the Trapmaker's bombs in Chapter 7 you must now find him and end this mystery.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

You start by assigning jobs to Penny, Keiko and Murphy. Then you will be playing as Penny to get surveillance footage.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

Star: in the light switch next to the door.

From the kit bag on the right collect the wire cutters, car window breaker and squeeze air blower.

Next take the power cable from the projector.

Use the wire cutters on the barbed wire to clear it.

Tap the table pieces to remove them. . Get rid of the two table halves.

The door is locked but you can use the car window breaker to break the window. Then go to the back room.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

Tap the camera hanging from the ceiling. It drops.

Use the air blower to clean dust from it. There is a 4 digit code needed.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

Open the yellow suitcase and take the scuba mask.

Go back to the outer room and use the scuba mask.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

You can now see more red spots.

Go back to the camera and use this clue to unlock it.



the spots make numbers from 1 - 4 this is an order. Count the number of spots in each number for the code.

1: 5

2: 8

3: 5

4: 9

Enter the code



on the camera. It unlocks but the footage is corrupted.

Tap to open the 2 small doors in the base of the tipped over control panel. There are wires and debris inside.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

Use the air blower again to clean the dust. Then use the wire cutters to remove the bad cables.

Add the power cable to fix the panel.

Now you can connect the camera to the control panel.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

This is now a puzzle to place the frames from the video into the right order. Tap to view them and then drag them to the right places.



Trapmaker - Chapter 8

Next we move on to play as Keiko collecting a DNA sample.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

Star: Top of the left wall on a torn panel.

First collect the robot arm.

Open the bag and collect the Empty Sample, the luminol spray, and a UV light.

Use the luminol on the wall to spray it. Then place the UV light down on the floor.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

You will see 2 blood smears, on the door and near the bag. Use the sample tubes to collect them both.

Note: a clue glowing on the left wall.

Pick up the UV light and go through the door to the outer room.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

You will first need to use the robot arm to move the three machines out of the way.

Spray the luminol in the room again and then place the UV light.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

You will see two blood smears on the floor and one on the door frame. Collect them as samples.

Note: a second glowing clue on the floor.

Tap the puzzle grid on the right wall.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

Hint: tap the squares to light them. Match the patterns from the 2 glowing clues.



A familiar logo

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

The wall panel opens up, revealing 8 gas canisters.

Place the UV light on the floor again and you can collect the final sample from one of the canisters.

Return to the padded room and add all the samples to the DNA machine. This opens up the DNA puzzle.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

Hint: Red fits into gold and blue fits into green. Move all the double from the bottom area to fit into the top. You can rotate them by tapping.



Trapmaker - Chapter 8

The results show that the blood samples match the sample from the tie.

With this evidence collected you are not back to being Kate and can interrogate the remaining suspects.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

Star: Top left light.

From the table, collect the tie, the photo, illegal signal booster, tablet, and the DNA kit.

Now you can tap to talk to each suspect to get more information. when ready you can confront them. You will get clues.

Talk to Conno. Confront him with evidence.

You will need to select an item: DNA Kit Machine

Say: “You fit the profile for Trapmaker!”

Confront Edna with evidence:

Evidence: the gas canisters.

Say: “Look! You made the knockout gas!”

Confront Wendy with evidence: (she also speaks for Oscar)

Evidence: The illegal signal booster.

Say: “This proves you smuggle illegal tech.”

Pick up the Interpol bulletin that Wendy gives you.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

Confront Sanjana with evidence:

Evidence: the Interpol bulletin.

Say: “You’re not a secret agent.”

Now Captain Jacob arrives and asks you to solve the murder.

Consider the evidence and choose the correct answers to decide on the crime.



From the conversations you have learned that Trapmaker's DNA was on franks tie, was knocked out by gas but not killed. Trapmaker says he took a nap. Frank fits the profile.

Frank Dietch was murdered with... nothing.

Frank’s killer is… no one.

Trapmaker is… Frank

After the explanations we return to the airtight vault where the body should be.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

Tap to remove the tape and open the doors.

Tap the body and it will fall through a trap door.

Pick up the note with your badge.

Trapmaker has escaped, but that just means a sequel.

Trapmaker - Chapter 8

We hope you enjoyed playing and found the guide useful.

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