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This is our full guide and walkthrough to Chapter 5 of The Sultan's Inventor, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku games.

After examining the automaton in chapter 4 you now need to head to the bazaar to make inquiries about Mustafa.

First there is an argument between two merchants that you need to sort out

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Star: on the rooftop in the sunlight.

There are 3 gold coins to collect. in front of the camel. By the base of the tree on the right, and on the red awning.

There is a sign post next to the red cart, view this to see a map of the bazaar

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Then view the black book on the ground, this is a cabbage ledger.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

In the center, up a ladder is a bow merchant. So give the 3 gold coins to him for a broken bow. Now you have a bow string.

On the ground to the left is a musician with a broken instrument. Use the bow string to repair it.

He then plays a tune and then will give you 13 gold coins as thanks.

Under the red awning is a cactus merchant.

Pay them 10 gold coins for a small cactus.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Now you need to give the cactus to the camel. Once done you can tap it to make it stand and climb up to collect a decorative wagon wheel.

Use the wagon wheel on the red cart to replace the broken wheel.

We now need to sort out the spilled cabbages. Tap on them to start a puzzle.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Hint: Drag and place the cabbages that are going to the Sun Gate to the red cart. and Those going to Star Gate to the blue cart. Use the ledger and the map.



The map tells you which flags are by each gate. The ledger tells you which cabbages go to each flag.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Now you can tap the archway to move through to the next area and speak to Hakim.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Star: in the roof area of the market to the right of the archway.

You need to recover 2 items, an intricately painted yellow vase and a golden necklace with precious stones.

First collect the bucket from the ground.

Then give the 3 gold coins to the tobacco merchant on the left to get a banana.

Give the banana to the monkey that is on the purple awning on the right. You will get a slingshot.

Now use the slingshot on the green hanging lantern. You will collect a key.

Go back through the archway to the first area use the slingshot to knock down a coconut from the tree. You get Cracked Coconut

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Use the bucket on the blue pool of water near the left to fill it.

Return to the second area and tap on the baby elephant.

Place the cracked coconut next to the bowl and then use the bucket to fill the bowl with water.

The elephant will get up.

Use the key to unlock the chest. Collect more gold coins and Hakim's necklace.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Sat on the floor is the Vase merchant. Talk to him to start a bartering game.

Hint: Make trades at the various merchants until you get the 7 gold coins that you need to make the trade on the bottom left for the vase. There are 2 areas of merchants.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5



Trade the 3 coins for 1 chili pepper & 1 turmeric.

Trade the 1 chili pepper & 1 turmeric for 1 carpet.

Trade the carpet for 3 chili peppers.

Trade 1 chili pepper for 2 turmeric.

Trade 1 chili pepper & 1 turmeric for 1 carpet.

Trade 1 chili pepper & 1 turmeric for 1 carpet.

Trade 2 carpets for 5 coins & 1 goat.

Trade 1 goat for 1 chili pepper.

Trade 5 coins for 6 chili peppers.

Trade all 7 chili peppers for 7 coins.

Then you can trade the 7 coins for the yellow vase.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

You can now give the vase and necklace to Hakim.

He gives you your 3 coins back and then tells you that Mustafa was gambling at a seedy establishment.

He gives you a ring to let you enter.

Tap on the guard who has now appears on the left. Show him the ring and he will let you into the gambling house.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Star: on the red lantern on the right.

You must play a game with the matriarch to get the information but first you need to find something expensive to wager.

There are 2 senet pieces. On the green cushions on the left and by the large goblet on the left. Collect them.

From the table by the Mancala board collect the velvet cloth.

And from the center of the scene near the back collect a pouch of coins (you now have 7).

Dip the velvet cloth in the large goblet on the left to wet it. Then tap the stone table on the right of the scene to view it.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Use the wet cloth to clean off the tablet and see the hieroglyphs.


The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Back out to the market and use the 7 coins to buy tobacco from the merchant on the left.

Then go back inside and give the tobacco to the lady in blue on the left.

She then gives you her catnip.

Give the catnip to the white cat and you will receive another senet piece.

Now tap on the man at the back. He is trying to open a Senet game box.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

Place your three senet pieces down to start the puzzle.

Hint: Drag the pieces to the correct positions on the board. Each column should only have one piece. Each column has a symbol at the bottom and the rows are marked as > (greater than), = (equals) and < (less than).

Solution: Use the hieroglyphs tablet for the clues. White it looking left, Black is looking right. Count the symbols of each type and see if the left or right is greater or less or the same.



The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

You collect a diamond.

Use this with the gambling matriarch so you can play Mancala.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

To win, you need to collect all 5 gold pearls, follow the instructions to play the game.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

One solution is to collect from the lower pits as follows.


Pit 4 (3 stones)

Pit 3 (4 stones)

Pit 1 (2 stones)

Pit 2 (5 stones)

Pit 6 (8 stones)

Pit 4 (2 stones)

Pit 3 (1 stone)

Pit 5 (13 stones)

Once completed the matriarch then tells you where to find Mustafa. An abandoned palace.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 5

That completes Chapter 5. Move on to The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 6

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