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This is our full walthrough for Chapter 5 of Trapmaker, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku Games.

After contacting the police backup in Chapter 4 you now head over to a shooting gallery in the conference center where you heard gunfire. But it seems to be empty.

Trapmaker - Chapter 5

Star: On the eye of the dog on the left.

From the left of the scene collect the key from the dogs collar and then the fallen statues from the ground.

Tap to open the backpack and collect the Life Straw and Gun Oil from inside.

Next tap the Exhibit Closed sign to collect some Duct Tape.

Now tap on the 3 panels at the bottom of the red cabinet to open them.

Trapmaker - Chapter 5

Use the duct tape to fix the yellow wire.

Use the life straw on the right panel to complete the pipe.

Use the gun oil on the center panel to get it moving.

Use the key to unlock the statues display case on the far left. There are 2 items that don't belong.

Collect the 2 sheep (Metal Targets) and then replace them with the 2 fallen statues.

You need to sort the statues. Tap pairs to swap them.

Hint: the ones with the black background are fixed. There are 5 of each type of weapon, 4 unpainted, 4 with flags, 4 with 2 figures, 4 single with hats.



Trapmaker - Chapter 5

Back up and tap on the small safe next to the dog on the back left.

Trapmaker - Chapter 5

Hint: On the display case find the figures in these positions for a clue.



look at the direction the weapons on the figures are pointing, tap these on the lock.

A4: Right

C1: Up

D3: Right

B2: Left

E4: Right

Collect the light gun.

Place the sheep targets on the shooting game.

You can now use the gun to play the game. But to complete it you need to get the correct score.

Hint: Tap to view the poster on the top left. Count the points scored by the holes.

Star: on the posters face.



Score needed = 100 + 100 + 25 + 25 + 25 + 25 + 25 = 325.

You can get this by shooting 4 sheep, 1 duck, 1 squirrel.

Collect the prize, the 'doggie vest'.

Place the vest on the robot dog. It will start to make barks and howls in different directions. This is a clue.

Now tap on the large door on the back left. There is a lock puzzle.

Trapmaker - Chapter 5

Hint: Use the dog movements to set the switches.



Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down

We enter the shooting range.It is full of robots that are shooting at you.

Trapmaker - Chapter 5

Hint: You do not have enough bullets to shoot all the robots but you can take them out in other ways.



Tap to shoot the XXX barrel on the truck to the left. Shoot the telephone pole on the far left.

Shoot the red dot to above the hanging barrel. Shoot the one in the window to knock it down and also hit the one below it. The you have 2 bullets left to shoot the final 2 robots.

Trapmaker - Chapter 5

Star: On a building spire on the right.

From the ground collect a robot arm and broom.

Use the robot arm on the fire hydrant on the left. This puts out the fire.

Use the broom to sweep away the bullets and reveal the manhole.

Tap to view the manhole cover to see another puzzle.

Trapmaker - Chapter 5

Hint: Roll the ball to each of the gold dots to spin the parts of the maze. You need to reach the center to shift the outer ring over to the trapmaker exit.

Trapmaker - Chapter 5

When you are accused of being trapmaker you will have a countdown. Shoot the TRAPMAKER sign on the building front to get him to talk to you so the others know you are a cop.

Trapmaker - Chapter 5

Constantine is in trouble and you can escape. This completes chapter 5. Move on the chapter 6.

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