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This is our full guide and walkthrough to Chapter 4 of The Covenant, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku games.

After another night in the woods and now 3 people gone you wake up to some good news. Perhaps.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

As before choose a partner to accompany you to the Radio tower

Head off and follow the conversations until you reach the tower.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

Star: At the top of the screen in the tower.

First collect the three planks from the ground and the magnet from the side of the box.

Open the red toolbox and take the hammer.

Tap the birdhouse on the tree to knock it down and then use the magnet to get the nails from the pile.

Open the bag on the left and collect the can opener and diary.

The diary has a puzzle lock.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

Hint: Slide rows and columns left and right, up and down to move the tiles to match the pattern,

Look at the diary to read a page and then tap on the photo of Prudence and Benevolence to take the tape.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

Now place the three wood planks and the nails on the ground.

You can then use the hammer to fix the stairs.

Tap the stairs to head up the tower.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

Collect the crowbar from the bench on the right. Then open the cupboard below that to find a fuse.

Use the can opener to open the can of trail mix and then you can collect it.

Tap the open door to go back down to the ground and then use the crowbar to open the stuck fuse box.

Collect the fuse.

Go back up the tower and then tap on the steps to the left to reach the roof.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

Tap the fuse box and then replace the two broken fuses.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

This opens a new puzzle.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

Hint: from the clue on the paper the lighter, grey dots are 'on'.



9 switches in 3 rows, Top row: only right switch up. Middle row: red off, green on, blue on. Bottom row: Yellow up, pink down, purple up

Back downstairs the power is on.

Tap the controls on the tape player, you will need to have sound on so you can hear the voice.

Hint. Playing forward doesn't help much but play backwards for a clue.

Next tap on the purse bag at the back to see a 5 digit lock.

The Covenant - Chapter 4



The code from the voice on the tape is 29537

Collect the binoculars and wire cutters.

On the desk tap on the equipment on the left to make it spark and break, a wire is revealed. Use the wire cutters to collect this.

Tap the cupboard door of the desk to open it and find a cut wire.

Add the wire you have to this and then the tap to fix it.

Now go back upstairs.

Place the binoculars on the stand to the right. You can then tap to look through them.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

Drag the view around to find letters.



It starts with E then you follow the arrow to help you find the next. - E4B7D3

Now you can tap the keypad lock on the gate and use the code to open it.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

First give the trail mix to the squirrel to make him move.

Then tap on the broken tower to get the next puzzle.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

Hint: select any two tiles to swap them and make the pattern complete. The coloured dots are the corner pieces.



Swap the green dot into the bottom corner to complete.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

You are now on the air.

But only the hunger answers you.

Back to the camp, you have a plan for tomorrow but first you must vote again.

The Covenant - Chapter 4

Once done that completes this chapter. Move on to The Covenant - Chapter 5

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