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Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

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The Echo Bay Murders is an escape puzzle game from Haiku Games, playable through their Adventure Escape Mysteries app.

This is our full walkthrough of Chapter 5 of The Echo Bay Murders. In chapter 4 you confronted the suspect on the bridge but he got away and now you have been arrested.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Take the evidence book from the bench, you will then read through it.

Darius arrives and a call helps to confirm your identity so now you can leave the cell.

But first you need to get clean.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Take the towel and the soap, then place them both in the sink.

Then tap the mirror to view yourself and use the soapy towel to wash your face.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Next tap the phone to answer a call. Then view the badge on the bench.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Star: top of the cell door.

Then you need to open your case for some clothes but you don't remember the combination.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Hint: the badge is the clue.

Solution: Check the bar code numbers. Count up the amount of each number 1, 2, 3, and 4.




Open the case and collect clean clothes.

View the mirror again and add the tank top and jacket. You can now exit the cell.

You will have a conversation. Darius needs an Eraser

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

From the bag on the floor on the left collect Darius's Notes.

Tap the chair in front of you to turn it to see a box. Note the pattern on top. Open the lid and collect a Letter opener.

Move the papers on the desk by the coffee and collect coins

Star: Open the bin on the bottom right to find it.

Next tap on the picture frame on the desk to turn it. Then use the letter opener on it to open the back and collect a desk key.

Use the key on the Drawer to open and then collect the Eraser.

Now use the eraser on the whiteboard. Darius will begin to add a timeline but has to leave so you now need to view the whiteboard to complete it yourself.

Add Darius's notes to start a puzzle.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Drag all the pieces of evidence to the right positions on the board. Check the notes for the clues.



Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

You will now get a key to the lab. Use this to open the door in the center and go through.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

First examine the ID card on the table.

Open the lower cupboard on the left to find some more coins.

Then open the bottom drawer on the right to find some ink cartridges.

Tap the white coat on the stand on the right to move the cleave and then collect a key card.

Use this key card on the top left cupboard to open it. Collect Paper, a centrifuge and some more coins.

Tap to collect a Lab memo paper from the note board for information.

Now go back to the main room.

Use all of the coins you have on the vending machine. You will get a bottle of water.

Add the paper and the ink cartridges to the printer.

Next we need to unlock the laptop. View this.

Hint: tap the color squares above the numbers to cycle through different colors. In each case there is one color that is unique to that square. Then use these to find clues in the room.



The unique colors are blue, green, black, red. Number clues: there are two blue framed certificates on the wall. The box on the chair has a green panel on the lid, close it to see this. It has 6 squares. There are 5 black squares under the whiteboard. There are 4 red squares on the police sign.




Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Now you can search for the name Benjamin Lee.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Next search for the company name. Lepat will do.

This will add evidence to your book.

Then use the Print button to print out the information.

Collect the print out and give it to Darius

You now get a DNA sample from Nick, you need to compare it.

Go back into the lab.

Open the fridge, and collect from it a vial of the suspects blood and a bottle of Propyl alcohol.

Now view the lab equipment on the bench on the right.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Place the water, the blood sample, propyl alcohol and the centrifuge on the bench.

Hint: check the lab memo you collected for instructions.



Pour the water into the beaker and place the beaker on the heater at the back.

Add the salt to the water. Then also add the orange wash solution.

Place the blood sample in the centrifuge, then collect it when it is done and add it to the beaker.

Next pour the liquid from the beaker into the funnel.

Finally add the Propyl alcohol to the filtered liquid in the dish.

You will collect another DNA sample.

Now add both samples to the black machine in the center to compare them.

This begins a DNA Puzzle.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Hint: Drag the strands on the right to the empty slots on the left to match them. There are 3 steps to this puzzle.

Double bars on the left can be made with 2 the same on the right. Adding an empty bar on the right will cancel out an blue bar on the right.

Solution 1:


Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Solution 2:


Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Solution: 3:


Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Exit the room and collect the DNA results from the printer.

Give these to Darius and you will complete Chapter 5.

Echo Bay Murders - Chapter 5

Move on to Echo Bay Chapter 6

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