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The Covenant - Chapter 8

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The Covenant - Chapter 8

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This is our full guide and walkthrough to Chapter 8 of The Covenant, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku games.

After losing the chains in Chapter 7 you are taken by the hunger and there are only 2 people left. But you are still alive.

The Covenant - Chapter 8

You are trapped in a well and need to escape.

Star: on the ground bottom center.

First collect the handkerchief hanging on the wall, then look at the note for a clue to escape.
It says "climb only the stones that follow this sequence: 4, 1, 5, 6, "
Hint: think Fibonacci
Solution: To continue the sequence you add up the previous two numbers to get the next one.
4, 1, 5, 6, 11, 17, 28, 45, 73.

Tap the wall and then tap the stones in the right order to get out of the pit. And up into the lighthouse.
The Covenant - Chapter 8

Star: on the top window.

Tap the purse to spill the contents, take the lighter, makeup powder and cash.
There is also a broken locket that you can view and a locked jewelry box.
The Covenant - Chapter 8

Place the cash in the fireplace and light it using the lighter.
The Covenant - Chapter 8

Now that you can see more tap the 2 barrels in the room to collect them.
Then place both of them on top of the crate. Now yo can collect a rope from the top right.

Use the rope on the crate to tie it off and then you can climb back down into the pit. .

Use the makeup powder on the spider on the right to dust its web so you can see it. You can then collect the key.
The Covenant - Chapter 8

Go back up and then use the key to unlock the padlock on the locker.
Collect the shovel, the axe and metal polish.

Now go back down into the pit and use the shovel to dig a hole and find a box with a puzzle.
The Covenant - Chapter 8

Hint: The triangles are buttons. press them in the right order. Pay attention to the number of fingers on each hand and the direction they’re pointing.
Solution: Match the hands to triangles and press them in the order shown. For example, the first hand has two fingers out and pointing up => press the triangle with 2 dots that points up. Next is five fingers pointing up, there are 2 of these so press both, 1 down (there are 3 to press), 4 up (there are 2), 3 down (only 1) and finally 1 up (only 1 to press).Show

Collect the locket half from inside.

Go back up and add the new locket half to the broken locket on the floor.
The Covenant - Chapter 8

Use the metal polish and the handkerchief to polish it and reveal a clue.
The Covenant - Chapter 8Show

Hint: On the left are shapes, each shape has a number of dots inside it. On the right is a photo
Solution: the dots tells you an order for the shapes, then look for the shapes in the photo and count them
Eye: 4
Diamond: 3
Moon: 1
Star: 2
Hand: 5

Use the code to open the jewelry box. Take the hairpins from inside.

Now use the axe to break the wooden planks barring the door.
Then use the hairpins on the door to unlock it. This is a puzzle, add the hairpins and you will get a set of shapes to match to the tumblers.
The Covenant - Chapter 8

Solution: The Covenant - Chapter 8Show

Now the door is open and you can escape
But you meet the hunger and discover the deceit of your friend.
The Covenant - Chapter 8

Learn the facts of the hunger and the covenant then you must choose whether or not to accept The Covenant.
The Covenant - Chapter 8

There are 2 possible endings although whichever you choose you still need to fight the monster in the Escape Puzzle.
The Covenant - Chapter 8

Hint: You need to reach the sewer grate. If you move on to a section of the monsters body you use the axe and split it in two. But if you touch a head you will die.
You need to be quick to avoid the monsters that will chase you.
The Covenant - Chapter 8

Once done the game is over and you will see whichever ending you chose.
We hope this guide helped you.

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