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Trapmaker - Chapter 6

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Trapmaker - Chapter 6

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This is our full walthrough for Chapter 6 of Trapmaker, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku Games.

After defeating the robots in the shooting gallery in Chapter 5 you can now head down to Trapmaker's secret lair.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

Star: On the light top left.

Tap the duffel bag on the left to open it and then collect the zip ties.
From the top left tap to collect a sturdy pipe.

Use the zip ties on the loose cables to tidy them.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

Tap to collect the metal pieces on the dumpster, bag and wall. Tap to move the dumpster to the left to find another metal piece underneath. There are 8 pieces to collect in total.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

Tap to collect the orange spray paint can from behind the dumpster.

Tap to view the panel on the wall behind the dumpster.
Use the spray paint on the panel to reveal a 'TM'
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

Place the metal pieces on the panel.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

You need to arrange the pieces to fit the letters. Drag to move, tap to rotate them.
Solution: Trapmaker - Chapter 6Show

Once done you can tap to go down the ladder.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

Use the sturdy pipe on the bulging pipe to the left. Steam escapes and you can see the trap lines.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

The lines are now a clue.
Hint: On the left notice the lasers split the scene in to 6 sections with numbers shown 1-6.
Solution: in each of the 6 sections there are lights, count the lights to get a 6 digit code.Show
Code: 1, 1, 0, 4, 2, 3Show

Go back up to the dumpster by tapping the steps bottom left.
Tap to view the keypad on the dumpster.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6
Enter the code to open it

Tap all the items in the dumpster to remove them or collect them. You will get the following: hard drive, motherboard, passports, locked phone, throwing star, and paint-stained glove.
Star: found on the floor of the dumpster.

Make sure you have cleared the bottom of the dumpster and cleaned the dirt. It will show a pattern with 4 cleanish tiles.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6Show

Go back down the ladder.
You can now use the throwing star to hit the red button. This will shut off the lasers.

The larger chest on the left has a fingerprint lock. Use the glove on the lock to open it.
Collect the key from inside and then tap the screens to look at the camera footage.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

You can tap each screen to turn it off or on.
Solution: Use the pattern from the bottom of the dumpster. Turn off all screen except the 4 that were clean.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6
This gives you 4 3 digit codes.

On the right chest there is a 4 digit code with 4 colours.
Hint: Look around both rooms for wires and count the colors.
Solution: Yellow: 4
Orange: 1
Green: 3
Blue: 3

Use the code 4133Show to open the chest.
Take the can of adrenaline soda from inside.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

On the table at the back (center) is a 'Jammer'.
Use the key to unlock the jammer. Then we disable it by pouring the adrenaline soda into it.

On the front of the right case is a computer panel. Open it and place the hard drive and motherboard inside.
The screen will work and you can tap it to view the screen.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

Tap on the computer screen and change the letters and numbers to the 4, 3 digit codes you found above. Left to right.
Solution: 911 LOB TVC EXPShow
The computer is wiped.

Under the case panel to the right is a case. Tap to pull this out and open it.
Place the locked phone into it to unlock it. You can now make an emergency call.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

You call the lab to ask them to help you pull data off the PC. They can’t do it, but they can still help by sending you a hacking program. It doesn't seem to matter which dialogue option you choose.

Plug the phone into the wires as instructed. Then you need to solve the hacking puzzle.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

Hint: move all the orange squares to the top row, the green to the middle, and red to the bottom.
Trapmaker - Chapter 6

The bombs are in the lobby, elevator and on the roof.
Speak to Trapmaker and make the deal to move on a disarm the bombs.
This completes Chapter 6 so you can move on to chapter 7.

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