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This is our full guide and walkthrough for Chapter 7 of The Sultan's Inventor, another fantastic Adventure Escape Mystery game from Haiku games.

After finding Mustafa dead and evidence of Grand Vizier Jamals plot against his brother you now need to get to Princess Amira.

You start at the Royal Bath House.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Wind has blown away the documents.

There is one document on the ground just to the left of the pillar on the right.

Another is in the potted bush on the right. (under the fan)

A third one is on top of a pillar on the left. But we cannot reach it yet.

On the lower left in the water is a miniature boat to collect.

On the back right is a net to collect.

On the left of the doors in the small alcove, collect the green empty bottle.

On the ground near the right had side is a yellow switch level, collect this also.

View the paper on the floor on the lower right, this is a clue.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

There is another next to the potted bush on the left.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Use the net on the fountain in the center of the room to collect another switch lever.

Now you can place the two switch levers in the circle holes on the left and right of the back wall.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Tap on the right hand switch to turn on the ceiling fan. The paper falls from the pillar, collect this.

Tap on the left hand switch to turn off the waterfall. You can now see a set of eight patterned tiles.

This is a clue for a puzzle.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

On 4 columns in the room are 6 tiles each. These can be tapped to change the patterns on them.

Hint: the paper by the right column.



look at the paper to see the 4 columns represents with the tile positions numbered, 1 to 8.

Change the tiles on the columns to the pattern of the tile from the waterfall area in the numbered position.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Now that is done the fountain raises and you can tap on it to control the waterways.

This is a further clue.

Hint: Check the paper by the back left column. This show the 9 waterways with numbers 1 2 or 3 associated with each.



Turn the fountain four times, with each turn note the water ways and get the associated numbers. These are:

1 + 3 + 2 = 6

2 + 2 + 3 = 7

1 + 3 + 1 = 5

1 + 1 + 1 = 3




Now tap to the right of the door below the opening to access the combination lock. Enter the code from above.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Tap again to view the waterways puzzle.

Hint: Press the arrows to move the rows and columns of tiles to arrange them into a path that connects the START and END. You don’t need to use all the tiles.



The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Tap the right hand bottom arrow down from the position above to complete the puzzle.

Once done you can place the miniature boat in the waterway opening. Then add to it the empty bottle. and then finally add the 3 documents. These reach the princess

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

So Jamal is set to be executed, but have we got the wrong suspect. We now want to gain access to Princess Amira's secret room.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Star: on the water lower right.

In the center is a bird statue. collect a wall tile from next to it.

From the line on the right collect the purple towel.

From the pool on the right use the net to collect a switch lever. Then also use the next to collect another wall tile from the pool on the left.

Under the rug that is under the bench with the monkey collect a second switch lever

Tap the bench to the left under the seam pipes to move a cushion and collect a third wall tile.

In front of the same bench is a jar of oil to collect.

To the right of the red doors is an arch with blue tiles, the section on the left is covered with soapy foam.

Use the towel to wipe off the foam.

Place the two switch levers on the sides of the red doors .Tap them both. One will shut off the steam pipes and the other will raise up the lion fountain on the right.

By the lower pool on the right is a wheel on the side. This is rusted.

Add oil to the wheel to loosen it, then tap to spin it. This activates 4 fountains of water in the room in a specific order (the lion head has 2 fountain jets). This is a clue

Tap on the red doors to see 4 buttons.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Hint: follow the fountains.



the fountains point up, down left or right. Use these to get the order in which you muist press the buttons.



Left, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down

This opens a cupboard. Collect another wall tile from inside. Note the pattern of tiles on the wall.

Now we can view the tiles on the left wall for the puzzle.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Add the 4 tiles you have collected to start the puzzle.

Hint: press the white buttons to rotate the tiles.



You need to match the pattern shown from the other 2 areas of wall.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Almost complete. Rotate the tiles on the right to complete it.

Enter the secret room.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

From the floor under a pillow collect the silver key. Use this on the silver food cover (cloche) on the left to open it and collect the Dried food platter.

Tap the green pillow on the bed to move it and find a gold key.

Use the gold key on the round table on the left of the bed to open it and collect a Pink gem.

On top of the table tap to collect some fresh figs.

Then tap the purple curtain above this table to open it. Behind is a painting of the Princess.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Open the bottom drawer on the unit to the right to collect a blue round knob.

On top of the drawer unit is a jewelry box. Add the pink gem in the slot on the box to open it. .

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

We find a necklace with a missing pendant that looks like the one that was in Mustafa’s hand and also the seal of the Grand Vizier

Collect the blue round knob.

Back out to the baths again and give the dried fruit platter to the cheeky monkey on the bench.

You can then collect the 3 perfume bottles.

Then give the fresh figs to the mouse in the hole in the wall and collect another blue round knob.

Return to the secret room. Tap to view the unit by the side of the bed with the perfume bottles on top.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Add the 3 extra bottle you have collected. This is a puzzle.

Hint: check the paining of the princess



arrange them as show in the painting.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Now notice on the right wall is 1 tile of a lighter color. Tap on this top open a panel above. Then view it

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Add the 3 blue knobs to start the puzzle.

Hint: the perfume bottles are the clue.



5 bottles have gems at the top. Use this as clues to the positions of the 5 sliders.

The positions you need are 2 5 1 4 3

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

Inside you find the Automaton blueprints, a note from Mustafa and the poison.

The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 7

That completes Chapter 7. Move on to The Sultan's Inventor - Chapter 8

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