Adventure Escape: Xmas Killer

Walkthrough and guide for Xmas Killer

Adventure Escape: Xmas Killer Guide

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Adventure Escape: Xmas Killer is another of the mysterious escape room puzzle games from Haiku Games. This game features Detective Kate Grey who is a character from several of the Haiku Mystery games.

Set at Christmas this games has you investigating a murder and tryig to catch a serial killer before they strike again in Christmas day.

Walkthrough and guide for Xmas Killer

The game is separated into 7 chapters with a wide range of clues and items to find and characters to interact with. Use your police skills and puzzle solving abilities to Investigate to complete the game.

Read on for the full walkthrough of the game including the location of the hidden stars. If you have any questions please head to the Answers Page to ask them there and let us know what you though of the game on the review page.

Walkthrough and guide for Xmas Killer


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