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Having a good strategy in is important, but having the best strategy in is even better, and that is where this page comes in. At AppGamer, we've been playing the game since launch and while we don't pretend to be the best in the world at the game, we are sure that we can help with a few tips to put you on the right track to finding the best strategy in the game that works for you.

Best Strategy in

Lets take a look at all of the elements that will combine to give you a great strategy to help you have an enjoyable gampley experience as well as a successful one!

1. Get Prepared

Before you even start the round make sure that you have collected everything that is currently available for free and spent your gold on any upgrades. Also make sure that you have all available merges completed. This will ensure that you attack the next run through of whatever level you are facing in the best possible shape.

2. Check Your Gear

Give your gear a check to make sure that you have the best gear equipped, especially in the weapon slot. Our favourite weapon is the Lightchaser, but if you don't have it, then either the baseball ball (strong against hoards) or the kattana (strong against bosses) are the second best choice. Your choice should depend on the level and also where you seem to be having the most trouble.

Check your gear and equipment to make sure you are at your strongest
Check your gear and equipment to make sure you are at your strongest

3. Selecting Weapon Skills

Although you are limited by what the game offers you, having a good plan for your weapon skills is a top strategy to follow. For example, if you are going for the drone option, then you need to plan ahead to make sure that you get both Drone A and Drone B, as that is the only way to get the drones to evolve to a Destroyer.

Personally, my strategy is to try to fill my weapons slots first with the weapons that I want, only when there are none that I want do I start selecting the support skills.

4. Selecting Support Skills

It's really important to select the support skills that match your weapons choices, in order to take your weapons to evolution level. That is a great benefit of selecting the drones, they don't need a support skill to evolve, so this frees up a support skill slot for something of your free choice.

5. Handing the Hoards

The first thing you must get a best strategy for is how you will handle the hoards. At the beginning of the game you may not be strong enough to handle large groups of enemies, which is why it is important to make sure you have maximized your gear, equipment and character levels before you start a round.

Using the Baseball Bat against the Hoard
Using the Baseball Bat against the Hoard

This is also why I suggest going for weapons skills first, as you need to increase your attacking power early in the game. Likely you'll be doing a lot of running and avoiding in the early minutes, but by the end of a level, usually, you will have amassed enough strength to be able to stand still and your equipped skills will take out all enemies and you'll only have to move to collect your drops.

The best weapon skill to equip before you start a round is the Lightchaser, it is difficult to get and you'll need to do well in a couple of events and grind through them if you want the Lightchaser for free. If you don't have it, then the baseball bat is also a great choice against the hoard. In both cases you must get them to evolution level to fully benefit from their abilities.

6. Beating the Bosses

The bosses can be exceptionally difficult to beat, if you are having trouble with any boss, then try running the level again but with the kattana equipped as a weapon. Take the opportunity to spend your free gems on kattana shards when they appear in the shop because the higher tier you can get the weapon the more effective it will be. Same for any of the weapons, look out for the shards of your favorites in the shop every day.

The best strategy for boss battles is usually to keep moving. For most bosses I usually employ some kind of triangle shaped run. Running round the outside the playing area, then crossing through the diagonal and going the other way. With this strategy, usually we get to pass closeby the boss and get some extra hits with our weapons.

7. Play the events

Events are a great way to get more gems that you can use in the shop for specific items or chests. You'll also bad other special items and gold too which is always useful.

When working out your best strategy in, bear in mind that it is not just the game round you have to consider but everything else that adds up to make your character stronger to face a level, this includes maximising your gear, character level, collecting freebies and playing events.

We hope you find these strategy tips useful! We have loads of other helpful pages in our guide including Best Weapons Tier List, Grinding Guide, Equipment Guide and more.

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