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Harvest Haven is a time limited event in In this even you have to earn seeds by playing different parts of the game, plant them and then harvest them for rewards. All is explained about this event below.

How to Play Harvest Haven

Playing the Harvest Haven event in is really easy and is a great chance to bag loads of in-game rewards for free. First of all, lets take a look at all of the different ways to get seeds in Harvest Haven.

How to get seeds in Harvest Haven

There are a load of different ways to get sees in Harvest Haven.

Get Seeds in Harvest Haven
Get Seeds in Harvest Haven

As you can see from the screenshot above you'll need to defeat monsters, open chests, evolve weapons, win main stages. So there is lots to do.

As you complete the various tasks however, new ones do appear in their place. So as you start to complete various seed tasks, check back to the get seed page to see what new missions have been set.

Also after a set period, all missions reset, so try to complete any missions that you are half way through before the get reset and you have to start over.

The best seeds are the legendary ones, so look to open 5 chests, and open 10 high-level equipment or pet chests. The high level chests being referred to are purple chests or above. These are a lot harder to get and open, and you'll probably need to use gems to get this completed.

Planting seeds in Harvest Haven

Once you have some seeds, you should plant them right away as they take some time to grow before they can be harvested.

Planting Seeds
Planting Seeds

The time a seeds takes to be harvested depends on it's level with common seeds taking 10 minutes and legendary seeds taking 5 hours, the rest will be some time in between.

If you want to harvest a seed right away simply tap lightning bolt next to the seed that is growing and if you have any growth hormones, then you can use one to harvest the seed straight away.

Growth Hormone to instantly harvest seeds
Growth Hormone to instantly harvest seeds

When is the best time to use growth hormone? I think the best time is only if you need extra spaces on the game grid, and then only on the seeds that take the longest to grow.

Selling Produce in Harvest Haven

Once your seeds have fully grow, they will be ready to harvest, check back on your grid and harvest any plants that are ready.

Now you have some fruit and vegetables, you can sell them, to do this tap the sell button at the bottom of the screen in Harvest Haven. You'll see something like the screenshot below.

Selling items in Harvest Haven
Selling items in Harvest Haven

In the shop prices do changes, the max prices you can get for any of the items are as follows:

1. Potato - 50

2. Cabbage - 50

3. Carrot - 150

4. Radish - 150

5. Eggplant - 500

6. Strawberry - 1500

After selling you'll get seed coins, which you can use to exchange for various items. There are tons of stuff to get with the seed coins, so work out what items you want and try to bad enough seeds to get that item.

Exchange Seed Coins for Items
Exchange Seed Coins for Items

Glory Ranking

Also, everyone is grouped into groups of 15 players so you have a leaderboard challenge as well in Harvest Haven.

Harvest Haven


Harvest Haven is a great opportunity to get some extra free resources in, but it only lasts for a little while. Work out which missions you can complete before they reset, and then work out which items you want to try to exchange your seed coins for. Maybe you could save them up to get better prizes, but don't forget to use them up before the event ends!

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